Nissan’s ‘Multi-Bed’ Option Can Turn Its Vans Into Campers—In Japan

This configurable camping bed is awesome—if only we got it here.

byStef Schrader|
Nissan NV200 Vanette Multi-Bed

The Nissan NV200 commercial cargo van just got a cool new accessory, just in time for its departure from the United States: a configurable camping bed for the back called a "Multi-Bed." The only catch is, that it's sold through Nissan's Autech tuning and conversion division, and you'll have to be in Japan to score one. 


According to Carscoops, #vanlife-style car camping is becoming more popular in Japan, hence the addition of this genuinely cool accessory. The Multi-Bed fits two adults comfortably and is split down the middle and can be folded away if you need to access stuff underneath or if you only need to use one side. 

It also sits low enough in this surprisingly tall compact van that you're unlikely to hit your head when you sit up in the morning, plus Autech even finishes out the floor in faux-woodgrain house-style flooring. There's also a detachable table that lets you use the partially folded bed as a sort of breakfast nook if you so desire. The Multi-Bed conversion doesn't come with blinds, though so it's still up to you to bring-your-own privacy. 


Autech has offered Multi-Beds on more consumer-oriented versions of the NV200 for a while, but this is the first time it's been available specifically for commercial vans. When you're building out a full vanlife rig, it often makes sense to start with a bare-bones commercial model where there's less to take out for what you want to install or bring along. Crucially, the NV200 Vanette's Multi-Bed is also wider than the one offered in the family-oriented NV200 Wagon. 

More and more automakers are offering camper-ready versions of their cars in Japan now, and this new NV200 Vanette with a Multi-Bed rides that trend. The Multi-Bed-equipped Nissan NV200 Vanette is also relatively reasonably priced, at $19,826 (¥2,833,600) for the 2-wheel-drive version and $22,372 (¥3,197,700) for the all-wheel-drive one. If that's not enough to make you miss small vans, we're not sure what is. Check it out on Autech's website here

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