Drag-Racing Florida Teens Injured After Launching Lexus RX Into High-Flying Flip

Security footage shows the SUV being pushed off the road and ramping a residential driveway.

byChris Teague|
Lexus News photo

There's a decent chance most people reading this have been a part of some questionable automotive adventures at some point in their lives, but a few Florida teens found out the hard way that there's a fine line between questionable adventures and a flat-out dangerous lack of judgment. Two kids are lucky to be alive after they went airborne in a dramatic crash that left them injured and their Lexus RX completely demolished. 

Racing of any kind on public roads is bad—no question about it—but racing on narrow residential streets is the pinnacle of stupidity and disregard for the safety of others. The teens’ doomed drag race was caught by a security camera and submitted to a local CBS affiliate, showing them both driving past in one direction before returning in the opposite direction at full speed. 

In the footage, we can see the car on the left forcing the Lexus off the side of the road. The RX’s passengers were at risk from the start, as it’s clear that they had hardly any room to run. You can even see the Lexus driver makes a move to miss a mailbox and lose control. The RX then swerves into a ditch and then ramps dramatically over a banked driveway.

There’s no doubt that the impact is severe, but the video doesn’t begin to capture the carnage. Photos of the aftermath show a vehicle that is so smashed up that it’s amazing anyone got out alive. The RX’s roof is completely flattened and there’s not much left of the rear end. Amazingly, both the driver and passenger survived with only minor injuries, the worst of which appears to be some broken ribs for the Lexus’ irresponsible pilot.

h/t: WPTV

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