BMW to Launch All-New 8 Series in 2018

The big Bavarian coupe is back.

BMW CEO Harald Krueger has spoken words that will warm the hearts of BMW enthusiasts everywhere: “The 8 Series Coupe will debut next year,” he announced at the annual general meeting in Munich. 

“We are refreshing our entire product portfolio and strengthening the performance side. Our strategy will focus on the luxury segment, where there are margins to be earned,” Krueger said.

So it looks like crossovers haven’t completely taken over the luxury world just yet. According to Krueger’s statement, high-end luxury is where the profits are. The car is expected to come in just short of Rolls-Royce territory, sitting at the top of the BMW line with an estimated starting price of around $165,000.

As the announcement is still pretty fresh, we know very little about the car itself, other than the fact that it will be a coupe. The automaker also released the concept drawing above, which gives a sense of the car’s profile. 

Presumably, the new 8 Series based on the flagship 7 Series, much like the outgoing 6 Series is based on the mid-size 5 Series sedan. No word yet on if there will be an M8 performance model or a four-door “Gran Coupe” for the new 8 Series, but a convertible also seems likely to be in the cards.

It’s been a while since a new car with the name graced the streets. The last time BMW made an 8 Series was from 1989 to 1999, under the chassis code E31. When the 8 Series comes, you finally won’t have to stress out anymore about whether you should get a BMW 7 Series or a Rolls-Royce Wraith—you can split the difference.