Photo Gallery: The BMW Concept 8 Series Is a Stunner

BMW shows off the Concept 8 Series, a sleek, modern, grand touring car for the future.  

Sam Bendall—Sam Bendall -

BMW's advertised tenets this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show are "Performance," “Luxury,” and “Energetic.” The BMW Concept 8 Series fulfills almost each of the tenets. It is a stunning grand tourer fit for the future. 

A source close to BMW says that the car is 90 percent complete. What you see on the exterior is likely to make it into the production version. Slight variations to the front grille and headlights are expected due to homologation standards. 

BMW Concept 8 Series

The interior will see only slight revisions. In this case, the steering wheel will be adapted to meet safety standards as well, the beautifully designed seat belt buckles will also be revised as will the seats themselves. The interior will see the inclusion of a number of interface buttons for drivers and passengers to input into the vehicle as well. The same source says that BMW will keep the brushed aluminum look within the interior.  

BMW remained tight-lipped about the drivetrain, chassis, and specs of the upcoming vehicle.   

If the Concept 8 Series is this close to its final iteration, I would say it could become one of BMW's most beautiful and luxurious coupes.   

Sam Bendall

The BMW Concept 8 Series

This car is stunning. 

We’ve received press images from BMW and BMW Chairman of the Board of Management Harald Krüger said: "The forthcoming BMW 8 Series Coupe will demonstrate that razor-sharp dynamics and modern luxury can go hand-in-hand. This will be the next model in the expansion of our luxury-car offering and will raise the benchmark for coupes in the segment."  

Sam Bendall

BMW Concept 8 Series Interior

Are you ready to rocket into the stratosphere?  

Today at the Los Angeles Auto Show we got the first glimpse of the physical concept. 

The front end of the BMW Concept 8 Series looks so angry and we love it. Sam Bendall
Sleek lines and an aggressive build give the Concept 8 Series a unique look.Sam Bendall
Look at that awesome grill! Sam Bendall
mmmmm.....Metal! Sam Bendall
The interior seems to draw slightly from the futuristic vibe seen in the i8 but the Concept Series 8 looks and feels more luxurious. Sam Bendall
Who doesn't like carbon fiber accents? Sam Bendall
Steering wheel buttons are not buttons at all, rather touch sensitive metal. Sam Bendall
Will the Concept 8 Series come with Harmon Kardon sound system? We hope it will. Sam Bendall
This might be the most aesthetically pleasing seat belt buckle we have ever seen. Sam Bendall
We have no idea how the seat belt releases. Sam Bendall
The Back end of the Concept 8 Series is stunningSam Bendall
The taillight / brakelight / turn signals system are beautifully integrated. Sam Bendall
The Concept 8 Series is all about sleek lines. Sam Bendall