BMW X7 Concept Images Leak Before Reveal

Bimmerpost brings us a preview of BMW’s latest and largest SUV.

byJustin Hughes|


BMW may have gone a bit overboard expanding their model range, such as four-door versions of two-door versions of four-door cars. But one glaring gap in the lineup has been a full-size, seven-seat SUV. BMW plans to finally fulfill that need, and reveal its new X7 Concept on Friday. However, pictures of this car appeared on the Bimmerpost forum Wednesday night, ahead of BMW's official reveal.

The distinctive kidney grille is both taller and narrower than most models made in the past 25 years. It vaguely evokes the look of the center of the original E23 7-series grille, as well as the 2002. The four headlights, in contrast, are quite narrow, and perhaps laser. A small door with the letter "i" ahead of the driver's door is likely a charging port, as the X7 concept is believed to be a plug-in hybrid similar to the 740e.


From the side, only the traditional Hofmeister kink in the rear side window makes the X7 Concept distinct as a BMW. Beyond that, it looks very much like any other three-row SUV, aside from some rather awkward lines that resemble hockey sticks for some reason. Maybe BMW is trying to evoke the sports practice that owners will inevitably be shuttling their kids to. These may or may not remain for the production model. The "E-drive" badge on the D-pillar is another indication of the X7 Concept's hybrid drivetrain.


Aside from the awkward vertical vents, the rear of the X7 Concept looks like a typical BMW—nothing special, but nothing unattractive, either. 


The interior, while somewhat futuristic, still isn't a major departure from what people expect from a BMW. Controls appear to be similar, with a large infotainment screen that's well integrated with the dashboard, bucking the trend of screens that look like someone glued a tablet to the dash. The gauge cluster display seems to have readouts for speed as well as available electrical power—yet another indication that the X7 Concept will be a hybrid.

Comments on the Bimmerpost forum are not that positive. Many say it looks too much like a Volvo XC90. Others think it looks like a Cadillac Escalade or Lexus LX. But most simply don't like the looks of the X7 Concept and hope that the production model is easier on the eyes.

BMW is scheduled to officially announce the X7 Concept on Friday, along with more details than these pictures.

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