BMW X2 Patent Pictures Surface

This is probably what BMW’s upcoming compact crossover will look like.

byChris Tsui|
BMW News photo

A few days after maybe, probably outing the design of the next Aston Martin Vantage, the Japanese patent office is giving us glimpses into the automotive future yet again with a filing that appears to show the production-ready shape of the upcoming BMW X2. For those of you perplexed by the abundance of alphanumeric BMW nameplates wondering what the hell an X2 is gonna be, think of it as a slopier, sportier, less practical version of the X1. Sort of like what the X6 is to the X5—but way smaller. 

And that's pretty much exactly what we see in these patent pictures. Proportions borrowed from the X1 with a slightly more aggressive front fascia, a less generous greenhouse, and ... the rear end from a Hyundai? Seriously, tell me these aren't the same car. 

The BMW X2 is projected to be powered by similar forces found in the existing X1, meaning a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder with twin scroll turbos good for around 228-horsepower. This is likely to come in your choice of front-wheel-drive (you read that right) or all-wheel-drive flavors. 

BMW's new mini-sport-crossover is expected to officially show its face sometime this year, with our money on the Frankfurt show in September, along with the Concept X7.