2019 BMW 8 Series Leaks Way Before Its Reveal

Photos which allegedly show the coupe in production form have been published online.

It’s been nearly twenty years since BMW ceased production of the 8 Series. It was everything you could want back then in a sports car: two doors, a choice of a big V8 or even bigger V12 under the hood, pop-up headlights, a six-speed manual transmission and of course, an optional in-car telephone. Despite everything it had going for itself, the high-end model was never a cash cow. The German luxury automaker sold less than 7,300 units in North America from 1990-1997.

Times have changed and BMW is ready to give the 8 Series another shot. Last year, it unveiled the exquisite Concept 8 Series and even teased the upcoming high-performance M8 variant. The highly-acclaimed concept was immediately confirmed for production as well. While the carmaker has yet to announce when and where its newest coupe will make its debut, it might have to move the timetable up.

Photos obtained by BMW Blog show what appears to be the 8 Series in all its glory. We have reached out to BMW to verify the authenticity of these photos and will provide an update when it replies. If legitimate, the production version of the car will retain its sleek look from last year’s concept. The exterior design is aggressive while the interior packed with tech including a fully digital instrument panel. The revival of the 8 Series cannot come soon enough.