BMW M8 Teased, More to Be Revealed Saturday

Shortly after unveiling the Concept 8 Series, BMW is already building hype for the inevitable M8.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED May 27, 2017 10:47 AM
BMW M8 Teased, More to Be Revealed Saturday

Well, that was fast. Not even two days after officially taking the wraps off of the Concept 8 Series, BMW is already teasing an M8. Perhaps this is them trying to get ahead of any leaks this time around. 

BMW M's official YouTube channel dropped a short (and not very well lit, I must say) video on Friday in which a swirly-camo'd 8 Series is seen prancing around, looking sinister. Freeze-framing the clip at the right moments (and keeping in mind who uploaded the thing) reveals this as unmistakably the upcoming and inevitable M8.

Visible details include a mean-looking front end, small lip-trunk spoiler and a set of blacked-out, production-ready looking, split five-spoke wheels covering an aggressively looking set of ventilated brake discs. Oh, and a license plate that reads "#BMW #M8".

The video's description reads: "Camouflage can't simmer down excitement. Stay tuned for tomorrow as we accept the challenge and put the icing on top of BMW's definition of the sporting spearhead and the M Concours on Saturday. #TheMFestival"

When (or if) this M8 comes to fruition, it will be the first BMW to wear the moniker. An M version of the original E31 8 Series from the '90s was considered, and exactly one prototype was even produced. However, the project was abandoned after the German automaker deemed that the market just wasn't there to justify its existence.