Police Find 71 Pounds of Meth in Car’s Gas Tank After Traffic Stop

Police estimate the drugs have a $2 million street value.

byRob Stumpf|
Police Find 71 Pounds of Meth in Car’s Gas Tank After Traffic Stop

We've seen drugs being smuggled in cars before, but never like this. Earlier this month, police in Round Rock, Texas reported that they made a surprising discovery after pulling over a Honda Accord for following another vehicle too closely on the interstate. Little did the officer know that he would be uncovering 71 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in the vehicle's fuel tank.

During the traffic stop, police routinely questioned the two occupants of the car. The driver and passenger had produced conflicting stories, according the the officer, which prompted a more in-depth investigation. Ultimately, officers brought a K9 unit to the scene and were returned a positive hit for something being awry. That's when a closer inspection of the vehicle revealed that the car's fuel tank had been modified.

Police later removed the fuel tank from the vehicle and uncovered a Breaking Bad amount of meth stashed inside, amounting to the tune of 71 pounds. The drugs were reportedly valued around $2 million (almost tit-for-tat the amount Walter White sold his first 50-pound batch for), and police were more than happy to get it off the street.

Police found 71 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in the car's gas tank., via Round Rock Police Department

The vehicle's driver, a resident of Alabama, was charged and arrested for "manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance,” according to a local news source. Police did not press charges against the passenger of the vehicle.

The modifications to this Honda Accord might not be as thrilling as the Corvette that a neighboring department seized, but it certainly was scrupulously designed to be a bit more concealing. Police were still able to locate the drugs and take them off the street, something which they consider to be a win.