Day Two of Amazon’s Prime Day Has More Great Goodies You Need

Here’s every deal we’ve rounded up so far.

byJonathon Klein|
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We did it, folks. We got through the first day of Amazon's Prime Day! There were tons of great deals The Drive's team dug up for everyone yesterday, and we may have clicked on a few for ourselves too. But if you thought Prime Day was just one day because, well, it's Prime Day and not Prime Days or Prime Week (which I'm sure is coming), you've got another thing coming. Welcome to Amazon's Prime Day, Part Deux.

The Drive is spending all of today rounding up the best of the rest, as well as some fun, weird, and wild deals you just have to have. Check out what we've already found and stay tuned for more. Happy hunting.

Today's Best Deals

Today's Best Deals

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