Best RV Toilet Papers: Enjoy Camping Without the Risk of a Clogged Toilet

Flush away the waste without fear of clogging up your RV septic system

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Everyone uses the restroom, and dealing with a clogged toilet is a pain, especially for RVers during an RV camping trip. Having the best RV toilet paper will allow you to have more fun outside and won’t leave you fixing a backed up septic tank. Toilets fitted inside an RV can’t handle normal toilet paper, so to keep them working every day and not stinking up the place, RV toilet paper helps alleviate many problems. Here’s the best RV tissue paper we found to help make sure your camping trip doesn’t stink.

  • Best Overall
    Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue
    This toilet paper dissolves in minutes and is 100-percent biodegradable and eco-friendly.
    It’s a strong two-ply fabric. Each roll comes with 500 sheets of tissue, giving you a lot more fabric per roll. That’s 2,000 pieces of tissue in a pack of four.
    The thin tissue may not hold up as well when pulled quickly off the roll. The paper is also extremely thin, so you’ll have to use more which means waiting longer for it to dissolve in the tank.
  • Best Value
    Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue
    This two-ply RV toilet paper is durable, highly absorbent, and is able to be used on marine vehicles as well.
    It comes in a pack of four, and each roll contains 396 sheets, giving you more than 1,580 sheets per pack. This makes it convenient and means you get more for your buck.
    It might not be angel soft on your skin, but it’s not scratchy, and the tissue is thin compared to other types of toilet paper.
  • Honorable Mention
    Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper
    This toilet paper is soft and smooth on your skin. It works quickly to dissolve in water so it won’t get clogged in the RV’s septic system.
    Scott claims it breaks down four times as faster than other brands of toilet paper. This saves you time from having to wait on it to dissolve. It’s a single-ply toilet paper that is extremely absorbent as well.
    While it may be on the lower end of the price range it may be due to the thinness of the fabric, plus it only comes with 264 sheets of tissue per roll.

Benefits of RV Toilet Paper

  • Avoid backed up toilets. The main purpose of RV toilet paper is to keep the toilet from clogging up. The paper specifically designed for RV holding tanks tends to be lighter and dissolves more quickly than regular toilet paper. The septic tanks inside RVs aren’t rated to handle thicker ply paper.
  • Environmentally friendly. Many recreational vehicle toilet papers are environmentally friendly. That makes them biodegradable so the paper won’t hang around in the wilderness after you’re long gone.
  • Absorbent power. You may need to soak up a spilled drink some time during your RVing trip, and recreational vehicle toilet paper works great for that. You don’t have to spend extra money on paper towels; just use the RV toilet paper to absorb the mess, then toss it into the toilet.

Types of RV Toilet Paper


Each individual toilet paper tissue is made up of a single piece of fabric. This type of toilet paper tends to be on the lower end of prices and runs out more quickly. The thinness of this toilet paper makes it less durable, which isn’t always a bad thing. Using one-ply toilet paper is best for an RV’s septic system.


Two-ply toilet paper is stronger due to the number of layers bonded together in each tissue. These may be more expensive but will also last longer. The thickness of this toilet paper makes it more efficient and comfortable.


This type of bath tissue is more comfortable and gentle on your skin. It comes with lotions, scents, and multiple layers. Naturally, the high-quality toilet paper will be priced higher than standard toilet paper, but it helps hide any lingering unpleasant smells.

Unbleached or Brown

While toilet paper may come in a standard white color, unbleached or brown paper means it is made up of recycled materials. It may not be as soft on the skin due to the components bonded inside of it, but it does the job of normal toilet paper at a much lower cost. It’s also environmentally friendly.

Top Brands


The Scott family founded Scott Paper Co. in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1874. It was the first company to officially put the toilet paper on a roll. One of its top products is the Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper.


Cottonelle began a business in 1972 and is headquartered in Irving, Texas. It is one of the top super-premium brands of toilet paper in the world. The company combined with Kleenex to form a super brand of bathroom tissue and makes the Cottonelle Ultra Gentlecare Toilet Paper.


Charmin was first created at the Hobert Paper Company in Green Bay, Wis. in 1928. The name stuck after an employee evidently described the toilet paper as “charming.” One of its top brands is the Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper.

RV Toilet Paper Pricing

  • $10-20: It is here you will find toilet paper packs containing four to six rolls. These will also generally be one-ply and thinner than higher priced toilet papers.
  • $20 and up: Here you’ll find the tissues tend to be two-ply, scented, and of the luxury variety. You’ll also pay more for bulk tissue paper. These range from six to 24 rolls per pack.

Key Features


Having toilet paper fall apart on you in the middle of things won’t cut it. A good, strong ply toilet paper is best when it comes to taking care of business. Making sure you get a durable RV-friendly toilet paper that is septic-safe means it will be more durable and more absorbent. You’ll also spend less time in the bathroom worrying about how many tissues you use. 

Flushing Power

Knowing what septic system your home, RV, or boat uses is necessary when it comes to using the correct type of toilet paper. Many standard household systems will flush away any toilet paper type, while septic tanks won’t be able to properly dissolve or get rid of thicker toilet paper. It’s best to research what system you have before purchasing any toilet paper.

Other Considerations

  • Comfort: One of the highest priorities of the best toilet paper is a comfort. The highest-quality brands shouldn't irritate your skin. While many camping toilet papers may be scratchy due to their materials, you should be able to find a comfortable paper type in any brand.
  • Quantity. Toilet paper comes in bulk packages, so it all depends on how often you use the restroom and how many other people are going to visit it. For a household or RV with multiple people or a large family, it’s best to stock up.

Best RV Toilet Paper Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best RV Toilet Paper Paper Overall: Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue

Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue

This RV toilet paper will dissolve in the septic system within minutes after tossing it in the water. A great bonus feature is it is 100-percent biodegradable, making it eco-friendly, which is especially great for RV use. It also ensures you don’t have to use chemicals or chlorine tablets to clean up your septic system.

It is a two-ply tissue, making it strong, durable, and surprisingly soft on your skin, which is odd because it is environmentally-friendly. The bonding holding the fabric together is strong and holds together well when pulling it off the roll. Another excellent part is each roll comes fit with 500 sheets of tissue, saving you time and money by not having to stock up on as much toilet paper.

However, those 500 tissues may end up going more quickly than you think. The paper is thinner than normal, so you’ll have to use a lot to absorb more, but its thinness enables it to dissolve so easily and quickly in the septic tank. It is also on the more expensive side for just four rolls.

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Best RV Toilet Paper Value: Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

 Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue

This great RV toilet paper is smooth on the skin and is fast-dissolving to help prevent messy clogs in RV septic systems. One of the greatest features is it is a two-ply toilet paper, making it more durable and highly absorbent, so it can be used in marine vehicles and toilets in the house. 

Each roll of toilet paper comes with 396 sheets, making it a long-lasting and strong toilet paper. The pack comes with four rolls, giving you more than 1,580 sheets of tissues on your trip. That makes it more convenient when it comes time to stock up on toilet paper, and the more convenience you have while in the bathroom, the more enjoyable camping trip you’ll have.

While it is versatile in use, we found it may not be the softest when compared to other toilet paper brands and even though it is two-ply, the tissue is rather thin. Stocking up on more rolls may be the best route when buying this RV toilet paper.

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Best RV Toilet Honorable Mention: Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

Scott’s brand of toilet paper is soft on your skin and dissolves quickly in water, making it one of the best RV toilet paper options to use on any camping trip. The materials are light and the company guarantees it will break down four times faster than other brands of RV toilet paper.

It’s also extremely absorbent, allowing it to soak up water more quickly and making it dissolve away into nothing in no time at all. While it’s only a one-ply tissue, the bonding holding the fabric together is quite strong, making it durable and capable of staying together when you need it most.

However, while it may be great at absorbing water, what matters most is pricing and the number of tissues. Each roll only comes with 264 tissues, which is a rather low amount, but that may also be due to the lower price. The thinness of it also means you will use it up quickly, meaning it may be best to buy it in bulk or stock up.

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  • While RV-use toilet paper may be specifically designed for septic systems, keep in mind it may take longer to dissolve a larger amount of the fabric.
  • It is still recommended to properly clean out the septic tank every so often. Even though many toilet papers may say you may not need to use cleaning products or chlorine tablets, they will help get rid of any lingering smells. Some toilet paper may still remain in the tank after being dissolved.
  • It is always best to consult the RV’s owner manual before purchasing toilet paper. It will help let you know which types are usable in the septic and how to properly clean it out if any clogs do occur.


Q: How long does it take to fully dissolve toilet paper?

A: This is a difficult question. It all depends on how many tissues are being dissolved at a time. A larger amount will obviously take longer. Typically, it will take a few minutes to dissolve, however, some toilet paper may still remain.

Q: Can I still use chlorine tablets and cleaners with this toilet paper? 

A: Yes, you can. We recommend using chlorine tablets every month in a septic system in order to get rid of any lingering smells.

Q: Are all RV toilet papers biodegradable?

A: No, not all RV toilet paper will be biodegradable. It all depends on the type of fabric you buy. Check out the label to see if the brand you are looking at is eco-friendly.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a great RV toilet paper that will not clog your septic system and that dissolves quickly, we recommend the Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue.

However, if you want to save some cash to use on your next camping excursion, we’d go for the Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue.

Do you have any RV toilet paper you found particularly good for septic systems? Let us know in the comments below.