Best RV Mattresses: Sleep Like a Baby and Wake Up Refreshed

Sleep like a log after a fun-filled day at the campground with these luxurious and top-quality RV mattresses.

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BY Lisa Conant / LAST UPDATED ON April 26, 2021

Whether you’ve got a compact, minimalist tow-behind camper, or a luxury condo on wheels, gone are the days when you have to “rough it” on a miserable, lumpy RV mattress. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t be super comfortable or deserve to sleep just as well or better than you do in your bed at home. If you do lots of hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing, or kayaking when you go camping, it’s imperative to get a restful and comfortable night’s sleep.

Today’s RV mattresses have come a long way from their early predecessors. There are plenty of supportive and uber comfy options on the market. So grab a cold beverage and enjoy reading through our helpful buying guide and detailed product review. We’re sure you’ll learn all you need to know to find the best RV mattress that you just can’t wait to fall into a blissful, deep sleep on.

Best Overall
DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress is made out of four different layers. Each one of which provides you with extra padding to improve comfort, sleep, and relief. The support base layer is made up of a high-density foam to support and cushion the other three.

  • Addition of a special gel infused into the memory foam helps regulate your body temperature
  • Breathability of the cloth helps circulate airflow, making the fabric cool you down while you sleep
  • Offers a bit of motion transfer and may also come with a lingering smell
  • On the comfort scale, it’s more on the firm side, but will soften out over time.
  • On the heavy side, weighing 70 pounds
Best Overall
DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Memory Foam Mattress
Best Value
Wayton 5-Inch Poly Foam Rolled Mattress for RV

This is a budget-friendly, 5-inch thick poly foam mattress that’s a straightforward, moderately supportive choice that won’t hurt your wallet.

  • No innersprings that will cause annoying pressure points on your hips, back, or shoulders while you sleep
  • Low profile design fits well in most RV bunks
  • Comes packed in a compact, compressed box that’s easy to get down narrow RV hallways
  • Not the most supportive or thickest mattress available
  • Not the most long-lasting choice for frequent use or heavier individuals or couples
Best Value
Wayton 5-Inch Poly Foam Rolled Mattress for RV
Honorable Mention
North America Mattress Corp. RV Camper Dual Sided Foam Mattress

This 8-inch inner spring/multi-density foam RV mattress is made up of a durable and breathable material. Softer top foam allows for cushioned support. Firmer mid-core foam provides stability and air flow.

  • One of the best features we found is the mattress works well with any base, whether it’s a box spring, platform bed, adjustable bed, or the floor 
  • Made to be free of many of the toxic chemicals and fire retardants found in other models
  • Labeled as a “short queen,” it may not fit in certain spaces
  • Unlike some models, it’s an innerspring mattress that may not be as comfortable as some other options
Honorable Mention
North America Mattress Corp. RV Camper Dual Sided Foam Mattress

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Benefits of RV Mattresses

  • Relax your body. The best RV mattress will do more than help you get to sleep. It will help alleviate stress, causing you to relax. Long road trips in an RV can be exhausting and having a good RV mattress is a way to unwind and relax at the end of the day.
  • Relieve pain. Long drives take a toll on your body and sometimes leave you with aches and cramps in your back and neck. Having an extra soft and durable RV mattress to lay down on at the end of the day can get rid of back pain and other aches impacting you and restore lost energy.
  • Perfect fit. RV mattresses are designed specifically to fit into a motorhome. While standard mattresses will fit, they may be too large for the base and hangover the frame. This may interfere with any doors or space you have to get around the mattress. RV mattresses are also lighter than normal mattresses.

Types of RV Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress

Perhaps one of the more comfortable mattress types, memory foam is designed to respond to pressure and forms around your body. Their firmness is based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lower end of the firm scale and 10 being the firmest.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are the most common of the types. They are made up of a steel coil support system designed between padded foam layers and other soft quality materials.

Air Mattress

An air mattress is perhaps one we are all familiar with. They blow up for convenience but aren’t the most comfortable. They are mainly used for those who want to camp or are in need of a quick sleeping arrangement.


These mattresses are designed for anyone with allergies. They work by keeping out anything that would lead to allergies. The foam or fabric around the mattress prevents microorganisms like dust mites, bacteria, and fungus from getting inside the material. If you are allergic to something and plan to rent an RV for your next trip, check up with the owner if the vehicle has this type of mattress.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is made up of layers of latex material. While they may be less expensive than memory foam, they won’t conform to your body. They are made up of natural materials such as rubber tree sap.

Top Brands


Located in Irvine, Calif., Dynasty Mattress has been creating and designing mattresses, pillows, and other sleeping accessories since 2009. One of its best products is the DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Memory Foam Mattress.


InnerSpace is a brand under the umbrella of the FirsTime and Company family that designs luxury products such as mattresses and furniture. It’s line of MotorHome InnerSpace RV mattresses are all proudly manufactured in the USA. It also offers a Mobile InnerSpace brand which makes mattresses like the TM Maximizer 7-Inch Truck Mattress for long-haul trucks.


Founded by Youn Jae Lee, the company originally created tents and began in 1979. It now makes deluxe bedding products, couches, and seats and launched its first sleep product in 2004. It makes the Slumber 1 by ZINUS 6” Foam and Spring RV Mattress.

RV Mattress Pricing

  • $70 to $250: Mattresses in this price range will be smaller. They range from kids, twin, or full. You can find some memory foam ones as well, but that material is generally more expensive.
  • $250 and up: Here you will find larger sized ​RV mattress sizes ranging from short and full queen size and going up to king sizes. The material may be more comfortable and is more commonly memory foam.

Key Features

Size and Thickness

RV mattresses, like regular everyday ones, come in various sizes, thicknesses, and lengths to fit your RV. Getting the right size is everything when it comes to making sure it will even get into the RV in the first place. Knowing the size of your bedroom area is very important before buying a new mattress as well. You’ll need to be aware if it can fit a queen size mattress comfortably. If there is an extra room, you can throw on a king and be set.


Making sure the mattress is comfortable is a must. All mattresses provide different levels of firmness and softness, so you need to pick one that is just right for you. If you are going to use it for long periods of time, like traveling the country for several weeks, it’s recommended to get one with the best body support and pressure relief for your joints and muscles. You’ll find these mattresses are made of a higher quality and denser foam material that help soothe pressure points on your body. When in doubt, find one that matches the one you use at home. 

Other Considerations

  • Durability and Weight. RV mattresses are going to be much lighter than your standard home mattresses. This is because you have to heft them around corners and tight spaces more often. Finding one that bends and molds more easily will help make sure you get it where it needs to go without much trouble.

Best RV Mattresses Reviews & Recommendations 2020

Best Overall
DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Memory Foam Mattress

This durable memory foam RV mattress is made with comfort in mind. One of the greatest features about this specific mattress is it’s made out of four different foam layers, each one of which provides you with extra padding to improve comfort, sleep, and relief. The base layer is made up of thick dense foam to cushion the other three.

The gel memory foam mattress helps regulate your body temperature; a feature and blessing needed when traveling in an RV. The foam is designed to naturally cool down your body during the night and the mattress comes with a washable cover for easy cleaning. The mattress also helps circulate airflow, making the fabric breathe well while you sleep. This also works at cooling you down on the hottest of nights or days. The mattress is available in 12 different sizes to fit any recreational vehicle. As a bonus, you get two additional memory foam pillows as well.

While it makes for an excellent RV mattress, we did find that it does offer a bit of motion transfer when someone turns over. It may also come with a lingering smell, but it should go away after a while. On the comfort scale, it’s more on the firm side but will soften out over time. It’s also on the heavy side, weighing 70 pounds.

Best Value
Wayton 5-Inch Poly Foam Rolled Mattress for RV

If you’re not looking to invest a ton of cash into a new RV mattress, but still want a happy medium between cost and quality, consider the Wayton 5-Inch Poly Foam Rolled Mattress. It’s a straightforward 5-inch high-density poly foam mattress without any innersprings that will provide a comfortable sleep without annoying pressure points on your hips, shoulders, or back. 

This mattress comes compressed into a compact box that’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces in your RV. Once you remove it from the packaging, give it a few days to expand to its full size and settle properly. 

Measuring only 5 inches thick, it’s not the most supportive and as such, this mattress would be ideally suited for kids or as a bunk mattress that only gets used occasionally. We wouldn’t choose this for a mattress for your master cabin.

Honorable Mention
North America Mattress Corp. RV Camper Dual Sided Foam Mattress

The North America Mattress Corp. RV Dual-Sided Foam Mattress is an ideal combination of durability and luxury. This mattress features 8-inch thick multi-density foam wrapped around firm inner springs that provides a stable, yet comfortable all-around body support. 

A soft foam top provides an extra cushion where you need it. The firm foam inner core ensures that this mattress will hold up well over time. We also like the organic cotton cover that is specially designed to be healthy and longer lasting than many other mattress covers on the market. 

All the foam is CertiPUR-US certified to be free of PBDEs, TDCCP, or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. It’s also made without phthalates or formaldehyde. 

This size is known as a “short queen,” meaning it measures 60 inches wide by 74 inches long, so pre-measure the space in your RV to ensure proper fit. Also, be sure to allow the mattress to rest for 72 hours once it’s unwrapped before you sleep on it.

Honorable Mention
Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress

If you're on a limited budget, yet you want to get a quality mattress for your RV, we recommend checking out this particular model. It's a memory foam mattress that comes in several sizes and styles. You can choose the one that perfectly fits your RV and enjoy its coziness during every adventure. 

The three-part mattress contains a memory foam top, a soft inner foam, and a supportive layer. The memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified and proves to relieve stress and pain in muscles. Therefore, you'll get more rest while sleeping on this mattress and feel fresh in the morning. Because the materials are breathable and follow the body contours, you'll feel comfortable during hot summer days as well. On top of everything, the company offers a 10-year warranty if you run into any issues. 

However, you might notice a strong chemical smell after you open the package. We recommend ventilating the room overnight. The smell should disappear completely after the ventilation. You also might need to buy a foam topper to make the mattress more comfortable. Although incredibly soft and cozy at the beginning, the mattress might harden over time.

Honorable Mention
Classic Brands Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress

Well-made and durable, this mattress is one of the favorite options among RVers. It comes in seven sizes, and you can choose whether you want to get a foundation, a base, or a frame with your new mattress. No matter which option you select, the mattress will provide superior comfort in your home or RV. You'll get more sleep and feel fresh and eager to start your day in the morning. 

The mattress features 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. That means it provides excellent airflow and temperature regulation. There's also a 6-inch base foam to provide support and ensure proper posture during the night. Buyers also like the included cover that stretches over the mattress for added comfort. 

All in all, the product is ideal for those who enjoy sleeping on a firm mattress. If you want your mattress to be soft like a cloud, this might not be the best option for you. On the other hand, you can always add a topper to increase the mattress's softness, although it will cost you some extra cash.

Honorable Mention
Slumber 1 by ZINUS 6” Foam and Spring RV Mattress

The Slumber 1 10-Inch Pillow Top Mattress is a luxurious and ultra comfortable mattress that will work well in your master cabin or even in a bunk. It’s got a thick and soft pillow top that provides an added layer of comfort while you sleep. The inner core of the mattress features independent spring coils surrounded by comfort foam that is designed to contour to your shape, while still providing moderate-firm support for your back, hips, and legs.

We especially like that this mattress comes backed by a 10-year warranty to give you added peace of mind and protection from any manufacturer’s defects. It comes shipped in a compressed state and is easy to transport through narrow walkways and doors. Once unboxed, it will fully expand and settle into its original shape within 48-72 hours. 

One thing we don’t love about this option is that it’s not CertiPUR certified to be free of potentially toxic or health hazardous chemicals like some of our other choices are.

Honorable Mention
DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This quality mattress comes in several sizes and features 2.5 inches of memory foam for ultimate comfort. There's also a 7.5-inch thick base foam to enhance the firmness and durability of the mattress. Overall, the Dynasty mattress is highly-favored among RVers who need more stability and comfort during their camping days. 

Along with being super cozy, the mattress provides support for the back and relieves stress in muscles. The thing that makes it ideal for RVers is the universal design. The mattress fits different bed bases and frames and is fairly easy to load into an RV. All you need to do is to let it expand overnight, and that's about it. There's even a 30-year limited warranty for some extra peace of mind. 

The mattress is pricier than other options on our list, though. We think its a smart investment, but some people won't be able to afford it in the first place. When it comes to the design itself, the only downside to the mattress is the hardness. Some users find it too firm to be comfortable for extended periods.

Honorable Mention
InnerSpace RV Luxury Deluxe 8

The InnerSpace RV Luxury Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress is one of the most universally comfortable on our list. Because it’s constructed from 8 inches of dual foam layers, it gets high marks from all types of customers for being a super comfortable option, whether you usually prefer a firmer or softer mattress. Five inches of high-density polyurethane foam provides solid support, while 3 inches of contouring memory foam gives you cushion right where you need it.

You can also rest easy knowing this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified to be free of heavy metals, phthalates, and formaldehyde. It’s all wrapped up in a sturdy, organic, cotton blend, breathable cover. You get a reasonable 30-day sleep-test trial period and a very generous 20-year warranty with this mattress option. It’s pricey compared with some other options, but once you sleep on it for the first time, we think you’ll agree that it’s definitely worth the cost.


  • To help get the new mattress into your RV, make sure to leave it in the packaging to transfer it to the vehicle. This way, you can set it where you want more easily.
  • To get the most out of your RV mattress, make sure you let it form to its full size before using it. Many, if not all, will need a few days to air up and reach their full size.
  • Consider purchasing an RV mattress that comes with a risk-free trial period that will allow you to exchange or return it if you find its comfort level isn’t to your liking.
  • Measure the space where your mattress will be going in order to ensure proper fit and sizing that won’t spill over the bed frame or come up too short.


Q: Do all RV mattresses come with a limited warranty?

Not all RV mattresses will come backed by a limited warranty. Consider this a red flag and steer clear of any company that doesn’t offer up even a measly one-year warranty to protect you from any unforeseen defects. Some of the better RV mattress manufacturers will offer 10, 15, or even 20-year warranties on their high-quality products.

Q: What size RV mattress will I need?

This varies greatly depending on the make and model of your RV and whether you’re purchasing it for the master cabin, bunk, or other sleeping space. Many RVs require a short queen size mattress, which is shorter in length than a standard queen size mattress. Be sure to pre-measure your original mattress as well as the space it fits in and triple check those measurements before purchasing a new RV mattress to ensure you’re getting the right one.

Q: How long do mattresses normally last?

How long your RV mattress will last greatly depends on the materials that it’s constructed from, as well as how frequently the mattress gets used. A high-quality memory foam or gel RV mattress could last you up to 20 years, which is likely longer than you’ll have the RV anyway.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to our top pick for best RV mattresses, we love the DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Memory Foam Mattress. It’s a perfect combination of support, durability, and luxury that will provide you many nights of deep, comfortable, and restful sleep. You may even like it better than your home mattress. 

If you’re looking for a great combination of comfort and an economical price point, consider the Wayton 5-Inch Poly Foam Rolled Mattress for RV. It’s a good quality mattress that gets the job done.