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Best Ford F-150 Accessories: Trick Out Your Truck

Make your truck perfect for your needs with the right accessories to enhance looks and function.

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Sure, cars get all the attention when it comes to aftermarket accessories, but these Ford F-150 accessories prove that trucks have it way better. As a truck owner myself, I am used to getting lost for hours browsing one website after another as I check out new and different accessories. While the truck I own today is more about looks and style, I have owned several trucks in the past that were solely for utility. From custom lighting to tool boxes and winches, I have probably bought it. This makes me uniquely familiar with a range of truck accessories for both the inside and outside. Perhaps you need some extra lights for your night activities. Or maybe you want to turn your truck bed into the ultimate workstation. Check out these Ford F-150 accessories and upgrade your truck to be ready for any challenge.

Summary List  

Best Overall: Amp Research Bed Xtender HD Max

Best Budget: WeatherTech HP Floor Liners

Best Eco-friendly: Decked Drawer System 

Best Lighting: Rigid Industries Ignite LED Lights 

Best Winch: Warn M8000 Self-Recovery 8000lb Winch

Best Tonneau Cover: Rough Country Low Profile Bed Cover

Best Sound Equipment: Rockford Fosgate R165-S

Our Methodology

You expect your Ford F-150 to be rugged and tough. But you also want to get the most out of it. Here at The Drive, we get you. You are only as good as your tools, which is why we are dedicated to finding the best products for your truck. To start this seemingly monumental task, it made the most sense to start with a list of the most useful F-150 accessories. The next step was identifying the industry leaders for that particular product. Brand reputation, time in business, and product quality were all factors considered for inclusion on this list. To refine the product selection further, unique features, sustainability, affordability, and durability were all considered. 

Best Ford F-150 Accessories Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall

Amp Research Bed Xtender HD Max

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Best Budget

WeatherTech HP Floor Liners

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Best Eco-Friendly

Decked Drawer System

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Best Lighting

Rigid Industries Ignite LED Lights

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Best Winch

Warn M8000 Self-Recovery 8000lb Winch

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Best Tonneau Cover

Rough Country Low Profile Bed Cover

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Best Sound Equipment

Rockford Fosgate R165-S

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Our Verdict

My top pick for the best Ford F-150 accessory is the Amp Research Bed Xtender HD Max because it gives you more functionality out of your truck bed. Use it to keep small items from rolling around or extra long items secured in place. 

The WeatherTech HP Floor Liners are a great budget-friendly alternative. Replace the stock floor mats with these laser molded ones and keep your truck looking like new for longer. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Ford F-150 Accessories

Looks or Utility? 

There are two primary categories for truck accessories, looks, and utility. Accessories that fall into the looks category enhance the design and appeal of your truck. This could be something like decorative lighting, vinyl graphics, or a bull bar mounted on the grille. It could also be an accessory that protects the look of your truck, like wheel well flaps or floor mats. Utility accessories are purely functional to make the truck better suited for work. These include a truck bed organizer or extender, tool boxes, or a winch. They do not enhance the look or style of the truck, but they make life much easier when doing work tasks. Some accessories cross over these two categories, such as exterior lights, running boards, or tonneau covers. 

Replace or Additional?

Do you want to improve the performance of an OEM part or add something that is missing? Some Ford F-150 accessories are designed to improve upon the performance of the manufacturer’s parts. Stereos and speakers are a perfect example of this. Replacing the stock components delivers better quality sound. Other accessories, like a truck bed extender or additional LED lights, add to the truck and are not automatically included. This gives you a better utility that you would not usually get without them. 

DIY or Professional Install? 

If you have experience working on trucks, then you have more freedom in the accessories you purchase for your truck because you can do the installation yourself. Otherwise, you will want to consider the cost of professional installation. Consider your skill level carefully, and do not take the accessory manufacturer’s word on the difficulty level. For example, the truck bed drawer system on this list claims to be a DIY install, but watch the video, and you will quickly realize it is much more intensive than they let on. 

Ford F-150 Accessories Pricing 

There are Ford F-150 accessories for every price range, from $50 to $5,000. Small and simple accessories tend to be more affordable. While those that are larger or have advanced technology tend to be more expensive. Typically, exterior accessories are more expensive because they are made of metal and designed to be durable. In addition, if an accessory requires professional installation, this will also contribute to the cost. If you are on a budget, consider what you can afford and buy the accessory that gives you the biggest benefit for the investment. 


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q: What should I add to my F-150?

A: Look for accessories that can provide protection, improve performance, create functionality, or enhance the look of your truck. Not everyone will need the same improvements and accessories, as we all have a different intended use.

Q: What are mods for trucks?

A: Unlike sports cars, mods for trucks can be for both looks and functionality. Because trucks are meant for utility, you will find mods like bed rails, hitches, ladder racks, light bars, winches, and toolboxes.

Q: What should I upgrade first on my truck?

A: For most people, their first truck upgrade is something that will have maximum impact, such as new wheels and tires. For others, the first upgrade is one that will make the truck more functional, such as a bed liner and toolbox. Consider your budget and end goals when deciding which upgrade is best for your first project.

Q: What is the most popular truck accessory?

A: The most popular truck accessory that people add is a trailer hitch. Other popular additions include running boards, fog lamps, rugged floor mats, bed liners, and tailgate protectors. These all make the truck more functional and durable for use when hauling and towing.

Q: How can I make my old truck feel new?

A: Start by giving it a good cleaning. Then replace protective covers, such as splash guards, bed liner, and floor mats. Next, upgrade the taillights and headlights to give your truck a similar look to more recent models. Finally, fix any minor dings and scratches.


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