Best Train Horn Kits: Make Your Presence Known on the Road

Bring the noise and stand out in the crowd with our train horn kit top picks

Best Overall

Outlaw Black Train Horn Kit

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Best Value

Vixen Horns Black Train Horn

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Honorable Mention

Ruyiot 4 Horn Train Horn Kit

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As far as vehicle accessories go, they don’t get much bolder than a multi-trumpet air horn. Fulfilling a variety of uses on the road—both sensible and frivolous—a train horn is a great way to add personality to your truck. With steady growth in popularity over recent years, there are now more choices than ever, and the kit you purchase will depend on your knowledge and requirements. Check out our top picks to make sure your next drive is loud and proud.

Our Methodology

We looked at the handful of train horn kits available online. We looked at the components used, the manufacturer’s history and customer testimonials, and used our own knowledge of car parts to ensure our picks are top notch. From there, we whittled it down to the list you see below. If you want to know more about our selection process, click the link here.  

Best Train Horn Kits Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall

Outlaw Black Train Horn

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Best Value

Vixen Horns Train Horn

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Easiest To Install

Ruyiot 4 Trumpet Train Horn Kit

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Honorable Mention

MPC 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit

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Honorable Mention

Zone Tech 12V Single Trumpet Air Horn

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Honorable Mention

Viking Horns Train Air Horn Kit

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Honorable Mention

Spec-D Tuning Deep Train Silver 4 Four Air Horn

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Honorable Mention

HornBlasters Shocker XL Train Horns

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Our Verdict

The low-profile, quad-trumpet Outlaw Black Train Horn Kit is our best overall pick, while the surprisingly loud Vixen Horns Black Train Horn is our best value alternative.

Train Horn Buying Guide

Having a loud set of horns on your vehicle can help you get noticed by other careless drivers on the road. Train horns are some of the loudest horns, which will give you the most noticeable results in getting noticed by other drivers around you. Here’s what you need to know before buying a train horn for your car.

Types of Train Horn Kits


Similar to other aftermarket kits, you can buy your train horn kit as individual components. This lets you create your own kit by selecting the horns, tank, and air compressor, and then combining them to have a custom kit for your car or truck. The advantage of this type is that you can create the sound and functionality you desire and aren’t limited to a single brand. 

Complete Kit 

If you aren’t interested in spending time putting your kit together, there are plenty that are pre-made. This is best for someone who isn’t well-versed in train horn kits or is trying to save money. When you buy a complete kit, you can be confident that everything will work together the way it should. 

Weather Resistant 

Most train horn kits aren’t meant for installation and use outside of the vehicle. They aren’t water- and weather-resistant. This means that if they get wet, they could get damaged. Weather-resistant units are completely sealed units. This is the best type of kit for installation in the bed of a truck or on a boat. 

Top Brands


In 2002, the founder of HornBlasters was tired of getting put in dangerous positions due to the carelessness of other drivers. Over the years, the company has grown from a garage business to a nationally-known name in automotive train horns. The company prides itself on producing high-quality equipment that is also affordable. The HornBlasters Conductors Special Nightmare Edition Train Horn Kit is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to excellence. 

Vixen Horns 

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Vixen Horns produces high-quality aftermarket train horns and other aftermarket automotive horns. The company ships throughout the United States and internationally. Check out this Vixen Horns Train Horn Kit and experience the quality for yourself. 

Spec-D Tuning

Located in Industry, California, Spec-D Tuning is known for manufacturing a wide range of automotive aftermarket parts. It produces parts to improve the performance and looks of your vehicle. The company ships worldwide. Check out the Spec-D Tuning 5Pcs Dukes Of Hazzard Trumpets for a unique look to your train horn kit. 

Train Horn Kits Pricing

When it comes to train horn pricing, there’s cheap and then there’s expensive. You can pick up a kit for under $200, but you’re getting what you paid for. That said, you can also spend a couple thousand dollars and you’ll get something that’ll have the whole neighborhood know you’re home. 

Key Features

Air Tank Size

You will see train horn kits that come with an air tank sized from 1.5 to 8 gallons. The bigger your air tank is, the longer you’ll be able to blast your horns in a single burst. This means you get more useful time out of your horns. A bigger tank can also power more accessories and features on your vehicle. You could use the largest tanks for an air suspension kit too. 

Number of Horns

The number of horns you have doesn’t translate to the loudness of your kit. The number of horns will indicate the richness and tonal variety of the sound produced. A kit with one or two horns will sound a bit monotone. Kits with five or six horns will sound more harmonic. Having more horns also means you need a bigger air tank to power the increased number of horns. 

Air Compressor Size

The air tank holds the compressed air that powers your horns. But it’s the air compressor that loads the tank. You’ll see air compressor rates by PSI. The higher the PSI rating, the more pressure the compressor can pump into your holding tank. This means you can produce a louder and longer sound. You’ll need to power your air compressor with a 12-volt battery. 

Other Considerations

  • Ease of Installation. Most kits are DIY-friendly, and you should be able to install them yourself if you have a bit of experience. There are some kits that require more knowledge, and in this case, you’ll need a professional to install your new train horn kit. This can result in additional expenses beyond the kit purchase. 
  • Sealed Unit. Think about where you plan to install your kit. If you plan to install the kit in a place where it can get exposed to the elements, then you’ll want to purchase a sealed kit. This will protect it and make it weatherproof. Units that get installed in a trunk or other protected place don’t need to be completely sealed. 
  • Loudness. The whole point of installing train horns is that they are extremely loud. Keep in mind that the horns you install are likely not legal in your state. If this isn’t a concern for you, then look at the decibels to understand how loud your horns will be. The higher the decibels, the louder the horn, and the further you can hear the horn sound.


  • A train horn kit should come with basic installation instructions, and you can find helpful how-to videos all over the internet, but we recommend completing the work yourself only if you have reasonable experience with vehicle maintenance. You need to know the safest spot for mounting the horn and some specialized tools might be required. Ask your local repair or bodywork shop if you’re not qualified yourself
  • The air compressor dictates how loud a train horn is. The higher the psi, the more air the tank can hold in pounds per square inch. The higher the air pressure, the higher the volume delivered when the air is released.
  • To get the best performance and longest life out of a train horn, make sure the air compressor is kept somewhere dry and clean. One of the most common causes of horn failure is debris and water damage as the compressor is exposed to the elements.


Q: How does the number of horns affect the sound of a train horn?

A: It may surprise you, but having more horns does not mean you will achieve a louder sound. What it does affect, however, is the quality of the sound. One horn can only produce one monotonous sound. Having multiple horns sounding together lets you produce a more pleasing, multi-tonal sound.

Q: Is the size of my air tank important?

A: The short answer is yes. A bigger tank means you have access to more air, which means that you get longer blasts out of your air horn. Alternatively, the extra capacity can be routed to any other add ons you have that need compressed air.

Q: Are train horn kits illegal?

A: This depends on where you live and what you drive. For example, the states of Virginia and Georgia allow them to be used as part of an alarm or anti-theft system with some restrictions, while most states only allow emergency vehicles to use such horns.