Best Train Horn Kits: Make Your Presence Known on the Road

Bring the noise and stand out in the crowd with our train horn kit top picks

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PUBLISHED ON December 5, 2019

As far as vehicle accessories go, they don’t get much bolder than a multi-trumpet air horn. Fulfilling a variety of uses on the road—both sensible and frivolous—a train horn is a great way to add character to your truck. With steady growth in popularity over recent years, there are now more choices than ever, and the kit you buy will depend on your knowledge and requirements. Check out our top three picks and tips to make sure your next drive is loud and proud.

  • Best Overall
    Outlaw Black Train Horn Kit

    A low-profile but heavy-duty horn in stealth black. Comprised of three trumpets with stainless steel diaphragms for maximum durability, all mounted on one bracket for easy fitting. Large throat design for deep and powerful sound.


    The pre-installed solenoid valve and L-bracket make for a particularly simple installation. The manufacturer offers a full rebuild kit and replacement parts to extend the life of your horn.


    Sound is loud and impressive but not much like the horn of a train. The mounting footprint is larger than that of other brands, so finding suitable space might be tricky.

  • Best Value
    Vixen Horns Black Train Horn

    A powerful air horn in black with four inline trumpets constructed entirely out of lightweight metal for maximum weather protection. Kit includes a six-foot nylon air hose, mounting hardware, and 12V solenoid for convenient installation. 


    Horn is available in two different colors—black and chrome. Small and lightweight, but offers impressive volume for its relative size and price.


    Air compressor and tank are not included in this kit. Sound is of a somewhat higher pitch than what you would expect with a train horn.

  • Honorable Mention
    Ruyiot 4 Horn Train Horn Kit

    A four-trumpet horn is capable of volumes of up to 150DB and constructed from high-quality zinc and chrome plating for durability and weather resistance. Kit includes all necessary mounting hardware and a compressor with a 1.59-gallon tank for easy installation and maximum convenience.


    Compact design is flexible and portable, allowing for an easier fit under or behind seats in any 12V vehicle. One of the loudest on the market; the four trumpets help horn deliver a complex, pleasing sound.


    It can only be installed horizontally and will not work successfully if placed vertically or on an incline. The five feet of wiring in the mounting kit is probably not sufficient for most installations, and additional purchases may be required.

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  • A train horn kit should come with basic installation instructions, and you can find helpful how-to videos all over the internet, but we recommend completing the work yourself only if you have reasonable experience with vehicle maintenance. You need to know the safest spot for mounting the horn and some specialized tools might be required. Ask your local repair or bodywork shop if you’re not qualified yourself
  • The air compressor dictates how loud a train horn is. The higher the psi, the more air the tank can hold in pounds per square inch. The higher the air pressure, the higher the volume delivered when the air is released.
  • To get the best performance and longest life out of a train horn, make sure the air compressor is kept somewhere dry and clean. One of the most common causes of horn failure is debris and water damage as the compressor is exposed to the elements.


Q: How does the number of horns affect the sound of a train horn?

A: It may surprise you, but having more horns does not mean you will achieve a louder sound. What it does affect, however, is the quality of the sound. One horn can only produce one monotonous sound. Having multiple horns sounding together lets you produce a more pleasing, multi-tonal sound.

Q: Is the size of my air tank important?

A: The short answer is yes. A bigger tank means you have access to more air, which means that you get longer blasts out of your air horn. Alternatively, the extra capacity can be routed to any other add ons you have that need compressed air.

Q: Are train horn kits illegal?

A: This depends on where you live and what you drive. For example, the states of Virginia and Georgia allow them to be used as part of an alarm or anti-theft system with some restrictions, while most states only allow emergency vehicles to use such horns. 

Final Thoughts

The low-profile, quad-trumpet Outlaw Black Train Horn Kit is our best overall pick, while the surprisingly loud Vixen Horns Black Train Horn is our best value alternative.