Best Engine Hoists: Lift Your Engine in Seconds

Engine work doesn't have to be strenuous if you have one of these top engine hoists

Best Overall

Five Oceans Overhead Electric Hoist

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Best Value

Torin Big Red Manual Hoist

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Honorable Mention

Strongway Hydraulic Engine Hoist with Load Leveler

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If you want your car to serve you well, regular engine maintenance is mandatory. However, getting the engine out of the car can be back-breaking work. If you invest in a good engine hoist, you’ll save more than money. You’ll also save yourself the hassle involved in hauling the engine in and out of your vehicle. This review examines three of the best engine hoists available.

Our Methodology

We’ve used countless engine hoists over the years. As such, we know what to look out for, i.e. weight rating, ease of use, additional installation items, and brands to look out for. You’ll be happy to note that nothing from Harbor Freight made our list. That said, we looked at dozens of engine hoists to come up with our top three. If you want to know more about our product selection, you can read more here

Our Verdict

Whether you want an engine hoist you can use at home or for an automobile repair shop, get the best. For its speed and ease of use, we recommend the Five Oceans Overhead Electric Hoist

If you want an affordable, reliable option, the Torin Big Red Manual Hoist is ideal. 


  • Load capacity is one of the most important features of engine hoists. Always select the one with more load capacity. This is to minimize the probability of injury or damage to your car. 
  • As the hoist is doing its work, be extra vigilant about the electric components and fuel line of the engine. They may get damaged in the process and cause problems with your vehicle. 
  • If you want a hoist that will be easy to move around, get one that has wheels or casters. Don’t get an electric hoist or a chain hoist as these have to stay in place when in use.


Q: How often should I oil my engine hoist?

A: Given the nature of the work that it does, it is important to oil all the moving parts of your hoist biweekly or monthly.   

Q: Which is the best engine hoist for an automobile repair shop?

A: As much as an electric engine hoist is efficient, it is limited by its usage of power. To this end, a manual engine hoist with a big load capacity is better. 

Q: What’s the best engine hoist size?

A: Get an engine hoist that can lift heavier loads than your engine block. For instance, if your engine weighs half a ton, get a hoist that weighs three-quarters of a ton.