Best Battery Terminals: Meet The High-Current Demands of Your Battery 

Maintain stable battery performance with these battery terminals

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PUBLISHED ON October 24, 2019

The best battery terminals can improve the performance of your vehicle’s convertor and help you achieve higher speeds. If you notice that your car isn’t accelerating, take a look under the hood and you may find the culprit: the battery terminals may be corroded, and that could be the main reason behind your ride’s insufficient horsepower. Consider going for the aftermarket battery terminal replacements in our buying guide.

  • Best Overall
    Fastronix Military Spec Battery Terminal
    A kit of terminals and covers that form a tight connection on battery posts and maintain stable battery performance.
    Ideal for multiple battery installations. Designed with lead alloys for increased strength. Protected from accidental shorting. Great for race cars, off-road vehicles, and RVs. 
    The clamps may not fit certain automotive batteries. The large bolt and screw may seem awkward on the battery.
  • Best Value
    Schumacher BAF-TTC Terminal 
    An affordable battery terminal kit that offers an easy replacement for a damaged primary cable on your battery
    Easy to install. Zinc-coated for enhanced corrosion resistance. Includes debris collectors that help to keep the area under the terminals clean. It offers three times more conductivity.
    Made of fragile metal that may break or crack during installation. One of the terminals may not fit on a standard battery post.
  • Honorable Mention
    Cllena Military Style Battery Terminal 
    A military-style battery terminal kit that can be used for ground connection, parallel connection, and battery extension.
    Made of highly conductive alloy steel. Fights off potential rust and corrosion. Mounting hardware included for easy installation. It can be used on passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and boats.
    Terminal covers are made of poor-quality plastic. May be missing installation instructions. May cause a fire or burn the wires if installed incorrectly.

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  • An inexpensive method of protecting the battery terminals from corrosion is to rub petroleum jelly on the positive and negative terminals. You could use a wrench to remove the cables from the post for better access to the terminals. 
  • Monitor the condition of your battery terminals on a regular basis. Pop the hood and disconnect each terminal to inspect them for any signs of rust, wear, or corrosion. Clean them if need be.
  •  A mixture of baking soda and white vinegar (or water) is the best solution for cleaning your battery terminals. First, wipe off the grease residue with a clean rag. Then, put them in a bowl of the mixture for a few minutes to remove the tough corrosion or grease stains.  


Q: How do improve the connection of the battery terminals?

A: If you notice that you are not getting the best out of the connection of your battery terminals, it may be due to a dirt layer or a metal oxide coating. The latter forms when the terminals are exposed to heat and humidity and result in an extra dull layer on the metal. To get a better connection, use a wire brush to scratch off the terminals until they are shiny.

.Q: How do you prevent battery terminal corrosion?

A: You could use small amounts of dielectric grease that will neutralize and prevent the corrosion attack. You could also use an anti-corrosion washer, which are typically felt pads with an anti-corrosion formulation. Detach the terminals from the battery before you apply the anti-corrosion agents. 

Q: What causes battery terminal corrosion?

A: When a vehicle’s battery is damaged, there is usually a build-up of corrosive acid powder. The acid powder, which is either white, yellow, or green, leaks onto the terminals and corrodes the material. In the end, the terminals will not be able to maintain an electrical connection. The battery won’t be able to complete a discharge when required and may eventually die. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Fastronix Military Spec Battery Terminal. They allow for superior signal transfer from your vehicle’s battery to the electrical system, and the terminals are designed for durability. 

The Schumacher BAF-TTC Terminal are affordable replacements for corroded stock battery terminals, and they are easy to install.