Best Car Lifts for Home Garages

Enjoy safety and comfort while working under your vehicle with one of the best car lifts for home garages.

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BY Norah Tarichia / LAST UPDATED ON July 23, 2021

If you spend a lot of time fixing cars, there is one tool that could completely transform the functionality of your home garage: a real car lift. All wrenchers own some type of car jack, whether that be a scissor jack, a pump jack, or a bottle jack, but the idea of owning a lift is a dream every home mechanic hopes to achieve one day. 

If you have the budget and the space in your garage, a lift will pay for itself with increased safety, convenience, massively increased accessibility to the underside of your vehicle, and time saved. However, not all lifts are built the same, and it’s important to pay attention to every detail of the products you consider. To ease the stress of your search for the perfect car lift, we’ve assembled a list of options currently available on Amazon and spotlighted the ones worth consideration. Learn more below.

Best Overall
Tuxedo Asymmetric Two Post Clear Floor Car Lift

The Tuxedo TP9KAC-TUX asymmetric two post vehicle lift includes several features: low profile 4-inch lifting pads, stackable height adapters, saddle pad adapters, and dual lock releases.

  • 4.5 tons or 9,000-pound capacity.
  • Light duty and versatile
  • Quality build for commercial or residential use
  • Maximum lift height is 72 inches
  • 90-day return and one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents of info and guides
Best Overall
Tuxedo Asymmetric Two Post Clear Floor Car Lift
Best Value
QuickJack Portable Car Lift

The QuickJack BL-7000SLX portable car lift  features 14-gauge welded steel frames. This powerful device uses quick-connect hoses for speedy setup.

  • 3.5 tons or 7,000-pound capacity
  • Portable
  • 90-day return, plus a one-year structural, one-year parts, and one-year shipping manufacturer warranty
  • Quick connect/disconnect hoses for fast, no-leak setup
  • Car lift reaches full rise in 31 seconds
  • Open-center design provides clear under-vehicle access
  • Need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents of info and guides
  • Needs a 110V AC wall outlet power to operate
  • Maximum lift height is 18 inches
Best Value
QuickJack Portable Car Lift
Honorable Mention
Tuxedo Four Post Automotive Deluxe Extended Storage Lift

The Tuxedo FP8K-DX-XLT Four Post Automotive Deluxe Extended car lift is a great storage/service lift for home hobbyists who want some features of a premium hoist, but who are unwilling to break the bank.

  • 4 tons or 8,000-pound capacity 
  • High efficient cable driven
  • Package includes trays and casters
  • Extended Storage Lift 
  • Heavy duty
  • Maximum lift height is 82 inches
  • Features  wheels
  • Great for many full-size trucks
  • 90-day return and one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF documents of info and guides
Honorable Mention
Tuxedo Four Post Automotive Deluxe Extended Storage Lift

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Why Buy a Car Lift?

  • Ease of use. When you use a floor jack, you still have to do a small bit of manual labor to jack up a vehicle. With a lift, you’re likely only pressing buttons, and the lift does all the work. That’s the beauty!
  • Time saver. Floor jacks require setup, adjustments, and generally more involvement than a standalone lift. After the one-time assembly of the lift, you won’t have to spend time pumping or manually rotating a floor jack.
  • Safety. Full car lifts are generally more heavy duty and have higher weight limits than a typical floor jack. Additionally, many have built-in safety features to prevent any failure. A floor jack with jack stands is safe, but full lifts are even more secure.
  • Easier to work on your car. There’s a reason professional shops have all of their cars on lifts: it’s easier! You’re on your back less, you’re bending over less, and you’re contorting less often. It’s good for your health and makes a lot of work, especially underneath the car, far simpler.
  • Improved visibility and accessibility. Half of maintaining your car is inspections and checks, and with a full lift, it’s much easier to perform visual inspections of the underside of the vehicle. People avoid maintenance because of the hassle, and this takes away some of the excuses.

Types of Car Lifts

Before you buy a lift, consider the types and styles that are available and pick the one that fits your needs.

Two-Post Lifts

Two-post and four-post lifts elevate your garage to an entirely new level, as they are what you’d find in real workshops and professional garages. The post lifts bolt directly into the concrete, so you need to make sure you have the space and the height. Whereas four-post lifts use four arms at each corner of the vehicle, two-post lifts frame the center of the vehicle and extend two arms angling to each corner on each side. Two-post lifts, which are more powerful and can lift higher than scissor lifts, are a nice compromise to full-on four-post lifts because they’re slightly more compact and cost less.

Four-Post Lifts

Four-post car lifts are the largest, heftiest, and most secure lifts available. Most weigh more than one ton and need to be bolted on the floor of the garage for stability. Unlike two-post lifts that use arms with pads that extend beneath the vehicle, the most common four-post design features ramps and two platforms that the vehicle directly drives onto. Because these are the top-of-the-line style of lifts, they also come at a premium price. If you regularly work on cars and have the space, the investment might be worth it.

Parking Lifts

Designed essentially the same as four-post lifts, parking lifts are great for those who have the time, money, and ability to build their garages taller but not wider. With a parking lift installed in your garage, you can store a vehicle (or more) on top of the lift, and park a car underneath it, or use that space for something else. Adding a secondary purpose to your lift bolsters its value proposition, but these things are massive and cost a ton of cash.

Scissor Floor Lifts

Some of the easiest to install lifts are scissor-style or portable car lifts. Perfect garage tools that provide either an open-center vehicle or scissor-style lift, depending on which one you choose.  Some lifts come ready to use, and do not need any setup. These lifts are great for temporary repairs for your vehicle. Whether you need to change a tire or repair a damaged wheel, the scissor-style and portable car lifts work great for these tasks.

Parallelogram Floor Lifts

Parallelogram floor lifts are similar to scissors lifts in that they are mobile units that you position on the ground underneath the car. Instead of using a scissor design, however, the rails of these lifts raise in the shape of a parallelogram. 

In-Ground Lifts

In-ground lifts are great because their components are primarily stored within the floor of your garage. That means more space in your garage and less inconvenience due to posts getting in the way. In-ground lifts are typically elevator style or scissor style. 

Alignment Lifts

Alignment lifts are exactly what they sound like: lifts that are designed for wheel alignments. With designs similar to four-post lifts, alignment lifts typically have ramps that allow the car to drive right onto the lift without the need for extension arms. They also have sensor pads that feed the alignment computer information. Unless you’re an extremely serious wrencher, you won’t need this at home.

Top Brands

There are a lot of brands of car lifts to choose from, so we've simplified your search by identifying some of the top companies in the biz.


Headquartered in upstate New York, Mohawk makes some of the best lifts you can buy. In business since 1981, Mohawk makes lifts not only for personal garage use, but also extreme heavy duty models that can lift things like farming equipment and construction vehicles ranging from 10,000 to 240,000 pounds. Patriots will be happy to know Mohawk lifts are designed, welded, and manufactured in the United States, but they’ll have to pay a premium price to get one. At least the company has an amazing warranty, including 25-year structural, 10-year mechanical, and limited lifetime cylinder warranty.

Rotary Lift

Headquartered in Downer’s Grove, Illinois, Vehicle Service Group (VSG) owns 13 vehicle equipment companies: Rotary Lift, Chief, Forward, Direct-Lift, Ravaglioli, Warn Automotive, Hanmecson, Revolution, Elektron, Blitz, Nogra, Butler, Space, and Sirio. Although some of their brands like Forward and Direct-Lift are made overseas, Rotary Lift is based in Madison, IN and its products have been sold, marketed, developed, researched, and manufactured in Indiana since 1925.


The Bendpak automotive group originally began as a machining company called Quality Machine & Associates (QMA) in 1965. In 1979, it began producing a hydraulic tubing bender for muffler work, and in the early ‘80s, they began producing automotive lifts. Today, the Bendpak group also owns Ranger, QuickJack, MaxJax, AutoStacker, Dannmar, GrandPrix, Cool Boss, and JackPak. Bendpak markets many of its equipment as Made in the USA, but that’s not entirely true for all of its products. Read more here about its relationship with overseas production and manufacturing.

Challenger Lifts

Snap-On Incorporated owns more than 25 brands, and Challenger Lifts is one of them after an acquisition in 2013. Based in Kentucky, Challenger offers virtually any type of lift you need, including two-post, four-post, in-ground, scissor, mobile column, short-rise, and mid-rise that range in capability from 6,000 pounds to 148,000 pounds. Most of its products are certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) and some, not all, are designed, assembled, or manufactured in the USA. 


A leading importer of high-quality automotive repair equipment, Tuxedo Distributors, LLC, was founded in 2004. Its equipment is manufactured in China. and distributed to American markets by through Kernel International Trading Co., Ltd. In addition, Tuxedo has a 80,000-plus-square-foot warehouse in Alvarado, Texas with an extensive inventory of lifts, wheel service equipment, accessories and parts. 

Torin Commercial Equipment (TCE)

The Torin Automotive Equipment Group owns Big Red, Blackjack, and Torin Commercial Equipment (TC). You might know Torin or Big Red from its floor jacks, but Torin Commercial Equipment offers full-size lifts. Most of its products are manufactured overseas, but they are widely available from a variety of sellers.

Best Car Lift for Home Garage Pricing

  • Under $1,500: While it may be almost impossible to find a car lift that’s under $1,000, you will find some pretty decent two- and four-post car lifts at this range. Most offer the versatility of having an adjustable width and height, but often have a maximum lifting capacity that’s less than 6,000 pounds.
  • $1,500-$2,000: Expect to find some high-end products in this price range that are run by powerful motors of around 200 volts. Most products here have a maximum lifting capacity ranging from 6,000 to 9,000 pounds. They also exist as either two- or four-post beds.
  • $2,000 and up: Budget this much for a high-quality garage lift made of tough and durable construction. Most lifts here come in either four-post or scissor-style plates and are anchored to the ground due to their size. They have a maximum lifting capacity ranging from 6,000 to more than 100,000 pounds.

Key Features

There are several factors to take note of when shopping for a car lift. Check these specifications before you buy anything.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity lets you know how much weight the lift can handle. Depending on what you are planning to do with this lift will determine what type of lift you need and how heavy-duty it needs to be. Some basic lifts can do about 6,000 pounds, which is acceptable for small cars, but if you're going to be working on a variety of vehicles, big and small, you will most likely need something that lifts between 10,000-15,000 pounds. Always check weight capacity and compare it to the vehicles you will be working on.

Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical

Post lifts can be designed with symmetrical or asymmetrical columns and arms for different vehicle positioning. How the columns and arms are oriented can change accessibility to getting in and out of the vehicle, as well as changes the accessibility to different parts of the vehicle’s exterior.

Hydraulic vs. Electric

Some lifts use hydraulic power to function while others use electric power to function. Determine your preference and shop accordingly. 

How it Bolts Down

Depending on the type of lift you buy, you might need to bolt it down. Check how that's done on each lift you consider. Additionally, before you go installing a new ift into your garage, you need to determine if it’s even possible. You need to know how thick your garage concrete pad is and the weight capacity it can hold up. Once you determine your concrete’s rating, add up the maximum weight of the lift and the vehicles going on the lift to figure out if it’ll work. 

Safety Features

Each lift will come with additional safety features to prevent slipping or collapse of your vehicle. An auto-lock mechanism when the lift is ascending is key, and a lock bar mechanism when the lift is descending is important. Each brand has its own proprietary safety technology, so be sure to check that when comparing lifts.

Ease of Use and Setup

Go for a lift with user-friendly features. The setup should be easy for the average user. The system should come with simple instructions that show you how to mount the lift with your vehicle, lift it, lock it in place, and lower it without damaging your vehicle or the lift. Also, a hydraulic lift is easier to use than one that runs on electricity.

Other Considerations

  • Construction. If possible, find out where the steel comes from, where it's assembled and welded, and where it's manufactured. 
  • Lifting Speed. This specification is important for anyone who doesn’t like to waste even a minute while fixing their car. Most lifts typically stretch out to their full height and weight in less than a minute if it has a powerful motor.

Reviews and Recommendations for the Best Car Lifts for Home Garages in 2021

Best Overall
Tuxedo Asymmetric Two-Post Clear Floor Car Lift

Take your regular home garage and turn it into a real car garage. Every car enthusiast with a passion for fixing vehicles needs a car lift. The Tuxedo TP9KAC-TUX has a capacity of 9,000 pounds or 4.5 tons. which makes it great for passenger cars, light-duty trucks and most SUVs.   

This economy-designed clear-floor lift includes several features: asymmetric swing arms, an auto-arm restraint system,  chain drive cylinders, low-profile four-inch lifting pads, stackable height adapters, saddle pad adapters, and dual lock releases.

Best Value
QuickJack Portable Car Lift

Not every individual wants a large car lift in their home garage, nor do they want to pay the large price for one. The QuickJack BL-7000SLX portable car lifting system can quickly have your vehicle in the air without losing quality or paying a lot of money. If you love fixing cars but do not want to struggle with ramps or jacks, the QuickJack car lift eliminates the need for either. 

The QuickJack has a 3-ton lifting capacity and is made out of 14-gauge welded steel. It has quick-connect hoses for a speedy setup and features lower and upper safety locks that automatically engage as the vehicle lift frames rise. This lift raises vehicles in as quick as 31 seconds. 

The safety locks also quickly disengage with just a flip of the lock bar. The portable unit requires a 110V AC wall outlet power to operate, and it comes with a remote pendant control with a 13-feet cord. Stable, heavy duty, and easy to use, the QuickJack keeps your garage clean and ready for all kinds of fixer-uppers.  

Honorable Mention
Tuxedo Four-Post Automotive Deluxe Extended Storage Lift

The Tuxedo FP8K-DX-XLT four-post lift has a 4-ton lifting capacity. The extended length and height of this car lift offer both safety and durability. If you're in need of better space management, the Deluxe Series is the best choice for storing multiple vehicles. This lift includes features like single-point manual lock release, adjustable locking positions, slack cable safety, and steel approach ramps. 

It is cable driven and comes with drip trays, a jack tray, and a poly caster kit. The Tuxedo four-post car lift is a great storage/service lift for home hobbyists who want some features of a premium hoist without breaking the bank.

Honorable Mention
BendPak 10,000-lb. Asymmetric Two-Post Car Lift

BendPak's XPR-10AS model will be able to handle most at-home jobs for most cars, crossovers, SUVs, and light-duty trucks. This model features asymmetrical columns that are turned 30 degrees to allow for better door accessibility for simpler ingress and egress. It also has an adjustable width, adjustable arms, and screw pads. 

The XPR-10AS is rated to handle 10,000 pounds and features 3/8-inch hydraulic lines, a high-flow pump, and a hydraulic cylinder with a steel piston. It also has 1/2-inch equalizer cables, 7x19-inch A36 steel base plates, and a 53-inch tall carriage.

Honorable Mention
BendPak 14,000-lb. Four-Post Truck and Car Lift

If you know you'll be working on large heavy-duty trucks, large SUVs, and maybe even a work vehicle or two, you will want to consider a four-post lift. BendPak's HDS-14 model is rated at 14,000 pounds and fits standard-length vehicles. This is an electric and hydraulic lift that requires a 220-volt power supply and it has a customizable power unit location. 

It features enclosed lifting cables, safety locks, and sheaves, as well as a pneumatic push-button safety release. The approach ramps feature built-in wheel chocks and the lift has backup slack cable safety latches. The stainless steel lifting cables are a 1/2-inch in diameter, and the maximum lift height is 77 inches. If you have the space and the budget for a four-post, this is a decent option from a known name, but for additional cost, there are better brands.  

Our Verdict

If you are looking to turn your home garage into a working car garage, we recommend our Best Overall product, the Tuxedo Asymmetric Two-Post Clear Floor Car Lift. It is sturdy and takes up less space inside the garage.  

For a durable and budget-friendly option, we recommend you take a look at the QuickJack Portable Car Lift. It’s decently priced, comes with safety features, and is easy to set up without the need for large columns in your garage.


  • Always study the manufacturer’s manual before you lift your vehicle. It’s never a good idea to wing the operation as you may end up dropping your vehicle.
  • Always respect and stick to the weight limits of the car lift. If it has a maximum capacity of 6,000 pounds, don’t even think of lifting a 9,000-pound truck on it. It may end up falling on you when you are working underneath. 
  • Always place the lift on a level surface. That way, the lift can operate safely without slipping or collapsing. In addition, the car won’t be unstable as you work on it.

FAQs About Car Lifts

You've got questions. The Drive has answers.

Q. How do I install the car lift on a damaged slab?

A. We do not recommend installing a new car lift on a damaged slab of concrete. If you need to install a lift in your garage, have a professional repair your slab or pour a new one entirely.

Q. How tall does my garage need to be for a car lift?

A. The wisest thing you could do is measure the height of your garage and your tallest vehicle, then compare those figures to the maximum lifting height of the lift you go for. Ideally, your ceiling should be at least 12 feet high; some manufacturers recommend a 9.5-foot ceiling to fit some basic car lifts.

Q. How thick does the garage concrete need to be for installing a car hoist?

A. This depend entirely on the type of lift you purchase and the types of vehicles you will be using on those lifts. Read the recommendations and specifications for a specific lift and adjust accordingly. You might not be able to use some lifts without completely changing the concrete pad in your garage.