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Celebrate 75-Years of the King With Northern Tool’s Sale on Strongway’s Limited Edition Petty Blue Floor Jack

Everyone needs a piece of Petty in their shop.
Richard Petty Strongway Jack Sale

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Sometime in the 1950s, a race team was cramming to get a car ready. Among the massive to-do list was painting it. They didn’t have enough of a single color to paint the entire thing. They also didn’t have the time to run out for supplies or come up with a multi-tone scheme. The team ended up mixing the partial batches of blue and white paint they had lying around so they could paint the car with a solid coat. They inadvertently created one of the most recognizable colors in racing history: Petty Blue. And with Northern Tool’s sale on Strongway’s limited edition Richard Petty low-profile jack, you can add the King’s iconic color to your garage at a discount. 

Strongway Limited Edition Richard Petty Low-Profile Super-Duty 3-Ton Jack for $299.99

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A floor jack might not be as cool as a blue Superbird with the number 43 on the side, but it’s still pretty awesome. Its Petty Blue and Red scheme commemorates 75 years of Petty racing, but it’s more than a showpiece. This thing’s ready to work with its 2-stage fast-lift system that reaches max lift in under five pumps. With a lift range of four to 23 inches and a max capacity of three tons, you can smash through a ton of projects with the spirit of one of the greatest pit crews in history behind you. Heck. You might get so caught up in the moment that you accidentally turn your daily driver into a NASCAR-spec Hemi wing car. I’d say that makes this limited edition Strongway jack worth every bit of the $299.99 it’s on sale for. 

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