This Week’s Best Deals On Jacks, Stands, And Lifts Will Keep Your Wrenching Safe And Sound

You won't accomplish many maintenance or repair jobs without lifting your car. I've found some great prices on jacks and jackstands to get you going.

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You won’t get very far working on cars without a jack and jackstands. For today’s post, I’ve found great deals online for good choices for either your first floor jack or a replacement for that old overworked tool you’ve had for years. But, besides the jack, you have to have jack stands—non-negotiable. There are a variety of different types available with different strengths. I like pin-type stands, I feel like they’re the most secure. But the downside is they normally don’t have the same amount of adjustability. There are models that have both ratchets and pins, so maybe that’s the best of both.

Starting at the low-end of the spectrum, the Ironton 1-1/2-Ton low-profile aluminum service floor jack for $89.99 is a great choice if you have a lightweight car and your looking for something that’s easy to slide around. At the other end, we have the Strongway long-Reach 3-ton low-profile professional service floor jack for $229.99 which will do well for anyone short of an EV owner.

For jack stands, the OTC 22-ton jack stands for $250.87 will hold your car, your neighbor’s car, and smallish fast food restaurant. The Big Red Torin heavy-duty 3-ton jack stands for $29.99 will probably do everything you need them to do. I’ve never used the Powerbuilt 2-ton UniJack combination hydraulic bottle jack/jackstand but for those of us who normally work on unibody cars and have struggled to find a jack point and then also support points for the stands, these look great. Jack the car up, lock them in place, and you’re all set.

If you have the budget and the space, a lift will have you living the dream. The scissor lifts below are both good deals, but they are a considerably bigger investment than a jack.

More Deals On Jacks, Stands, And Lifts

Big Red Torin 1.5-Ton Hydraulic Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack for $148.26

Blackline by Arcan 3 1/2-Ton Low-Profile Professional Service Floor Jack for $179.99

Strongway Long-Reach 3-Ton Low-Profile Professional Service Floor Jack for $229.99

Ironton 1 1/2-Ton Low-Profile Aluminum Service Floor Jack for $89.99

Strongway Double-Locking 3-Ton Jack Stands, 6,000-Lb for $34.99

OTC 22-Ton Jack Stands 22 for $250.87

Big Red Torin 3-Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands for $29.99

Powerbuilt 2-Ton UniJack Combination Hydraulic Bottle Jack / Jackstand for $63.48

ESCO 3-Ton Jack Stand for $59.99

QuickJack 5000TL Portable Car Lift with 110V Power for $1,525.00

QuickJack 7,000-Pound Extended Rail Portable Truck/SUV Lift W/ 110V Power for $1,700.00