Best RV Vent Fans: Top Picks for Ventilating Your Motorhome

Make sure you’re comfortable no matter where you are with these top RV vent fans

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PUBLISHED ON October 10, 2019

A good vent fan is a necessary addition to any RV if you want to be free of smells and be comfortable whatever the climate. If you want fresh air in your current motorhome, retrofitting a new vent fan is a good idea. While vent fans mostly come in a standard size, there are all kinds of features to think about, from rain sensors and thermostats to low-profile rain shields. Our top picks will help you find the right one.

  • Best Overall
    Maxxair 14 inch Maxx Fan Plus
    The Maxxair fan comes with reversible blades, a built-in thermostat, and a ceiling fan mode for complete personal control of your environment. Its 10 different fan speeds also allow you to determine airflow and noise levels.
    Fan blades are virtually silent on lower settings without sacrificing airflow.
    Vent lid opens manually and has double struts for added durability.
    Remote-control models also include a backup keypad.
    The instruction manual is generic and covers a range of fan models, which can hamper an easy installation. It does not come with an integrated rain cover, and only the Maxxair branded one will fit.
  • Best Value
    Heng’s 14 inch Universal White Roof Vent Fan
    The fan has a universal design and fits into most RVs with straightforward wiring and easy installation. The product comes with a vent cover and interior ceiling garnish, so no extras (apart from screws) are required.
    While not a deluxe fan, its considerably low price point means you can move fresh air in and stale air out without spending a fortune.
    It includes a removable screen for easy cleaning.
    The company also offers replacements for all outdated or older parts.
    It does not include screws, sealant, etc., so you'll need to buy these items separately. It’s either on or off;  there is no option to adjust the speed of the fan blades.
  • Honorable Mention
    Fan-Tastic Create-A-Breeze RV Roof Vent Fan
    The Fan-Tastic vent fan includes a three-speed fan with low amp draw to ensure constant use even without access to a mains power supply. It’s made from ABS plastic to fit a standard 14 by 14-inch opening. This is a universally designed fan that can be used in most vans, and an integrated white lid means no additional purchases are required.
    Very low amp draw (only three amps on the highest speed setting) makes it perfect for use off-grid and in other situations where air conditioners are off-limits. The locking lid design means the fan will not operate with the roof closed to further prevent inefficient usage.
    The knob for opening and closing the lid can wear smooth following sustained but not excessive use, resulting in no grip and difficulty operating the vent cover. Fan blades are not reversible and can only pull air in.

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  • Do you have high ceilings or short legs? Select a vent fan with remote control and/or electric lid opening to make your vent fan easier to use.
  • If you’ve got a big rig, it might be worth installing two vent fans to increase air circulation, especially if you're going to be in situations where you can't use your air conditioners.
  • Remember that a rain sensor will close your RV roof vent cover automatically, but it won’t re-open it if the sun comes back.


Q: Can I buy any standard vent fan to fit my motorhome?

A: Most RV vent fans are a standard 14 by 14 inches, but if you’re replacing an existing vent fan make sure to double-check the size of the vent opening against the specifications of the new vent fan.

Q: Do I have to buy a separate RV vent cover?

A: Some vent fans come with an integrated rain shield, so it depends on which fan model you’ve got your eye on. Always read the product specifications before finalizing your decision.

Q: Why does my vent fan spin in different directions?

A: The direction the fan blades spin dictates the direction of the airflow. Pulling in the fresh air will keep your camper cool in warm climates while pushing out stale air allows you to get rid of cooking smells. It’s especially important in cooler climates to get rid of hot air and moisture from condensation inside the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Largely due to a host of in-built features, including a thermostat and 10 speeds, we’ve ranked the Maxxair 14 inch Maxx Fan Plus the best RV roof vent fan overall. For a budget-friendly, no-frills option, our best value RV vent fan is the Heng’s 14 inch Universal White Roof Vent Fan.