Best RV Sewer Hose Fittings: Avoid Nasty Messes

Make managing your RV’s waste tank a whole lot easier with the best RV sewer hose fittings.

byHeather Fishel| UPDATED Oct 12, 2021 8:04 AM
Best RV Sewer Hose Fittings: Avoid Nasty Messes

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BYHeather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON October 12, 2021

Dealing with your RV’s waste tank is a thankless job, and it’s one no one enjoys. But if you’re using your RV’s bathroom comfortably, someone’s got to take care of it. And that means you have to have quality equipment connected to your “sewer” system, like durable hoses and tightly closed fittings so you aren’t dealing with an even bigger (and grosser) mess when it’s time to clear out your tank. Your RV sewer hose fittings are critical components here, as they help seal in waste and its odors, preventing leaks as it moves through the system. Though small, a good sewer hose fitting can make a world of difference when you’re trying to make easy work of emptying your waste. We’ve discovered some of the best RV sewer hose fittings available so you can find just the right fit.

Best Overall
Camco RhinoFlex RV Bayonet Elbow Fitting

Camco RhinoFlex RV Bayonet Elbow Fitting


This RV sewer hose fitting works on the most common inlet sizes and types and offers a secure connection plus a tight seal.

  • Rotates a full 360 degrees
  • Sturdy threads and locking clamps add durability 
  • Built-in gasket prevents leaks and odors
  • Can break at junction with heavy use
  • Threads can crack upon impact
Best Value

Valterra T1024 Hose Adapter


A 3-inch straight hose adapter great for extending hose connections, with extra reinforcement for enhanced durability.

  • Features leak-proof seal connections
  • Works with 3-inch setups (the most common)
  • Heavy-duty ABS material for lasting performance
  • Not as durable as metal fittings
  • Can be hard to get onto the hose
Honorable Mention

Thetford Titan Revolve Universal RV Sewer Hose Adapter


This is a universal sewer adapter that’s compatible with any 10-, 15-, or 20-inch Titan sewer hose, or any universal sewer hose with a bayonet-style end connection. 

  • Comes with a handle to keep your hands clean
  • Durable construction that’s puncture- and abrasion-resistant
  • Rotates by up to 360 degrees for easy connection with the sewer hose
  • The white, translucent color may not be as clear as you’d like
  • Thin plastic housing can crack when it’s dropped

Best RV Sewer Hose Fittings Reviews & Recommendations

It’s hard to beat all of the cool perks and benefits offered by the Camco RhinoFlex RV Bayonet Elbow Fitting. This elbow fitting offers plenty of connectivity for different dump station inlets, rotates for your convenience, and even blocks unpleasant odors while it handles waste. But the perks don’t end there. With this RV sewer fitting, you’ll be able to see when your sewer hose is finished draining. It’ll connect securely to dump station inlets with 3-inch slip fittings, as well as  3-inch NPT, 3.5-inch NPT, and 4-inch NPT fittings. And you can even detach the elbow from its 4-in-1 adapter to fit it into a 4-inch square RV bumper for on-the-go storage. 

The fitting rotates 360 degrees without coming loose, and you’ll really benefit from the built-in gasket that seals in waste along with odors. While it might not seem very enjoyable to see your waste drain, the clear tubing of this fitting is helpful if you’re hoping to avoid unpleasant surprises. However, this small detail can also pose potential problems, as the elbow can break upon impact, and so too can the fitting threads.

  • Elbow-shaped fitting
  • Fits 3-inch, 3.5-inch, and 4-inch NPT dump station inlets and 3-inch slip inlets
  • Clear elbow allows you to see when draining
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Built-in gasket for odor protection
  • Detaches to fit into 4-inch square RV bumper


  • Elbow design of fitting makes hose attachment easy
  • Strong, secure fit thanks to built-in odor-blocking gasket
  • Works with an array of dump station inlets


  • May break with use and impacts
  • Fitting threads may break with impact too

You don’t have to break the bank in order to get a quality RV sewer hose fitting that offers peace of mind and lasting durability, just take a look at the Valterra T1024 Hose Adapter. This reasonably priced fitting offers everything you need in one small, streamlined product, and it balances value with reliable performance. The sewer hose fitting measures 3 inches in size, and it’ll extend your sewer drain hose connection so you can use your setup in more convenient positions. 

A seal inside the fitting makes every connection more secure and prevents leaks. And, as an added bonus, the fitting features reinforced ears so you’ll enjoy a bit more durability for the long term even with wear and tear. This Valterra fitting is well-built especially for frequent use, but you may have some difficulty getting it onto hoses. Some hoses can pose a bit of a challenge, and you might need lubricant to make it a smooth process. 

  • 3-inch straight hose adapter
  • Reinforced ears
  • Leak-proof seal


  • Reinforced ears for increased durability
  • Leak-proof seal
  • Extends drain hose connection for added convenience


  • May be difficult to get onto some hoses
  • Plastic material may not be as strong as metal alternatives

If you’re tired of struggling to get a grip on your RV sewer hose fittings, try the Thetford Titan Revolve Universal RV Sewer Hose Adapter. This smartly designed product has something others don’t as a built-in handle that’s designed to make connecting your hose and fitting easier. Designed to work with all Thetford Titan sewer hoses, as well as any other RV sewer hose with a universal bayonet, this fitting works with five of the most common sewer port connection types and it’s able to rotate 360 degrees so you can align your equipment with ease. 

Plus, thanks to Thetford’s proprietary TPE material, this sewer hose fitting is made to be abrasion-resistant and can survive extreme temperatures for lasting toughness. The handle is the standout feature of this fitting because it makes it easier to use and really makes screwing in sewer connections less strenuous. However, do note that this fitting isn’t completely clear and may not allow you to see clearly during drainage. And be cautious about the plastic housing, as it doesn’t survive impacts well.

  • Made of proprietary thermal plastic elastomer (TPE) material
  • Built-in handle makes connecting the fitting easier
  • Designed to fit five common sewer port connections
  • Rotates 360 degrees


  • Rotates 360 degrees for easy connections
  • Built-in handle makes attachments frustration-free
  • TPE material can handle abrasions and temperature extremes


  • Fitting isn’t completely clear and may obscure view
  • Plastic housing can crack upon impact

No one wants to discover their RV waste is leaking from their sewage system. With the Lippert Components Waste Master RV Sewer Hose Male Bayonet Fitting Converter, you get a secure, leak-proof connection you can trust while you do your dirtiest work. Compatible with all of Lippert’s own Waste Master RV sewer equipment, this fitting will take a male bayonet fitting (which often leaks) and turn it into a male CAM lock fitting, sealing up your liquid waste for better safekeeping. The strong, trustworthy seal makes any liquid a breeze to drain. 

Plus, there are additional features that make this RV sewer hose fitting a great choice. A built-in handle gives you better control, while a clear viewport lets you see when your hose is empty. The 90-degree discharge port can be moved into any position for different sewage inlets, and the integrated internal rubber doughnut offers a secure fit. The biggest downside of this RV sewer hose fitting? It’s on the expensive side, however, the quality and reliability make it well worth investing in.

  • Converts existing male bayonet fitting to male CAM lock fitting
  • Compatible with Lippert’s Waste Master sewer hoses
  • Industrial-grade construction
  • Built-in handle
  • Clear view port
  • 90-degree discharge port
  • CAM lock seal prevents leaks


  • Strong, trustworthy CAM lock seal
  • Clear viewport gives you insight while you drain
  • 90-degree discharge port can be rotated


  • Expensive

If you’ve struggled to maneuver and connect your RV’s sewer equipment so everything is tight yet still usable, you’ll like how flexible the Camco Revolution Lug Fitting is. This handy RV sewer hose fitting can take some of the hard work out of setting up and draining your waste tank thanks to its swivel design. This bayonet fitting will add a 360-degree swivel capability to any RV sewer hose — it’ll work with compatible Camco products as well as other brands of hoses — giving you better maneuverability. 

Worried about leaks? The fitting also features a Twist-It clamp that securely locks the fitting to the hose. And the added benefit of a built-in gasket allows for an odor-tight connection so nothing, including unpleasant smells, slips out. It’s worth noting, though, that this fitting can be a bit difficult to get onto some hoses. You may need a tool or a blunt object to maneuver it into place. However, you don’t want it to slide on too easily; that may prevent it from getting as tight a fit as possible. 

  • Gives any RV sewer hose a 360-degree swivel
  • Twist-It clamp secures fitting tightly
  • Built-in gasket is odor-tight


  • Odor-tight seal when hose is connected
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Compatible with all RV sewer hoses


  • May be tight and difficult to connect to some hoses
  • If you use tools to get the fitting in place, you may damage the fitting

Not all RV sewer hose fittings will work with all sewer hoses, but the Prest-O-Fit 1-0008 Sewer Hose Adapter can. This versatile fitting allows you to choose how you’d like to use it — with or without clamps — and adapt depending on which kind of sewer hose you’re using for your RV. Designed to work as a push-on, clamp-free fitting for Blueline Ultimate sewer hoses, it’s almost effortless to use with this brand. However, the fitting also works with all standard RV sewer hoses, as long as you have clamps. 

No matter which way you’re connecting it, four bayonet hooks and an X-ring seal will give you a leak-free fit on most waste-valve outlets. Plus, this RV sewer hose fitting is clear so you can see when your tank is empty. There is one potential drawback to this RV sewer hose fitting. On some setups, the clear shaft actually winds up inside your hose, making it difficult to actually see when your tank has completely emptied. However, for many hoses, there’s plenty of space to see clearly.

  • Four bayonet hooks
  • X-ring seal for a leak-free connection
  • Works with most waste-valve outlets
  • Includes a push-on connection for Blueline Ultimate sewer hoses, no clamps needed
  • Also connects to standard sewer hoses, with clamps


  • Works with or without clamps on most hoses
  • Leak-free X-ring seal offers a secure, reliable connection
  • Easy to get in place on different hoses


  • Depending on your sewer hose, you may not be able to see very much as you drain
  • Doesn’t include clamps

How We Selected RV Sewer Hose Fittings

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In order to separate the best RV sewer hose fittings from all of the rest of the products available online, we specifically sought out options that were made by well-known and reputable RV brands. From there, we compared products based on their most critical details: a leak-proof seal and easy fitment with most RV sewer hoses. Fittings that offered good versatility, durability, and secure waste disposal were our top picks. Plus, we also took real-life use case reviews into consideration, based on what those who’ve put the products to use on their RVs had to say about them.

Our product selections, rankings, and awards for this story are based on research. While we haven’t conducted real-world testing on all of these products yet, we’ve looked at consumer testimonials and data, tutorials, and general discussions on social media and in forums. We also consider price and specification in the context of the segment. And, of course, we rely on our institutional knowledge of the automotive landscape to weed out weak products.

Buying Guide/What to Look For 

RV sewer hose fittings are pretty simple, and they only have one specific use. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to do a little research and comparison shopping to find one that’s high-quality and highly reliable. We’ve got tips, tricks, and plenty of information to help you begin your search for a great RV sewer hose fitting that’ll meet your needs. 

What to Consider When Buying RV Sewer Hose Fittings

Types of RV Sewer Hose Fittings

Generally, RV sewer hose fittings are any extra connections done on the sewer hose that improve the connection between the RV waste tank outlet and the campsite sewage dumpsite. This consists of the adapter, hose support, and connectors.  


The sewer hose adapter either attaches directly to the RV sewer outlet connection or the dumpsite. A straight adapter is typically connected to the RV outlet while a curved adapter (at an angle of about 45-90 degrees) goes on the dumpsite port. Curved adapters can also be used if you have limited space for a straight adapter. 


As the name suggests, connectors are fittings that link two parts of the sewer hose. There are different connectors for each part of the sewer hose, and they’re designed to ensure a secure, odor-tight connection. They include lock and central connectors.   

Lock connectors are used to secure the hose to the adapter. You can have two connectors, one that connects to the adapter on the RV waste tank outlet and another that secures the adapter connected to the disposal valve. Some lock connectors can swivel 360 degrees to make it easier to connect or disconnect the hose ends. Central connectors are used to fix a hose extension so it’ll be long enough to reach the campsite sewage disposal unit. 

Hose Support 

If your vehicle is parked on an incline, the gravitational force will help the fluid flow easily through the hose into the drain. However, you won’t have this advantage on level ground. This is where the hose support comes in. It holds the sewer hose in place to help completely empty the tank and helps reduce wear and tear. It typically has an angled cradle for faster draining and a flat bottom to provide ample support and protection to the sewer hose.  

RV Sewer Hose Fitting Key Features


The size of your RV sewer hose fitting should be compatible with the sewer hose and tank outlet. To avoid making fitting mistakes, buy fittings that match the brand of your sewer hose. The tank outlet size will determine the size of the adapter you get. You may not experience fitting issues if you have a new RV since they have standardized tank outlets. However, if you have an older rig, you need to be keen on the exact size of the outlet to get the right adapter.  


Select a fitting that features the best build so it can last a long time without cracking or coming loose. Prioritize thick fittings that can withstand the pressure coming through the hose without detaching. The main point is to have a sturdy, leak-proof connection. Also, shoot for odor-tight connections, especially with the end caps and connectors.

Aside from that, you want to ensure that the fittings have a smooth interior so that waste particles don’t get stuck inside. The exterior should have an abrasion-resistant design that doesn’t wear out easily, even when used for an extended period outdoors.


One of the main reasons sewer hose fittings deteriorate is frequent exposure to the elements. Therefore, having a weatherproofed fitting is key. Choose a fitting that’s designed with UV-stabilized resin so that it can resist damage from intense UV rays. Also, it’s possible to get a fitting that can withstand being used in freezing conditions without cracking.

Tips and Tricks

As with something you do for decades upon decades, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way in terms of selecting the right product, and/or using it. That’s the case with us and RV sewer hose fittings. To help you bridge the information gap, here’s a selection of what we’ve learned along the way.

  • A clear RV sewer hose fitting might seem gross (who wants to watch waste?), but it’s hugely helpful, as clear fittings make it so much easier to tell when your waste tank is empty and done draining.
  • If you do opt for a clear fitting, make sure you detach it once you’re done draining as they aren’t made of highly durable materials, so they aren’t meant to stay on your RV permanently.
  • Always make sure your fitting is gap-free once it’s in place. Gaps mean odors can sneak out, and that’s something you definitely don’t want to experience.
  • Having trouble getting your RV’s sewer system set up securely? You can use a sewer fitting wrench, which is designed to give you better leverage and more strength to make sure you have a tight connection.


Q: Are RV sewer hose fittings universal?

Most RV sewer hose fittings will work with most RVs and sewer hoses, but they aren’t always a perfect fit. Some fittings require you to use hoses by the same brand or manufacturer. Others can work with many different hoses, but you’ll need to make sure the measurement of the fitting actually fits the hose in question. 

Q: Does my RV sewer hose fitting need a gasket?

If your fitting doesn’t have a built-in gasket, you’re going to want to upgrade to one that does. While it’s not mandatory, gaskets offer a tighter, more secure leak-proof seal when your sewer hose is connected. And that small addition can block both unwanted waste leaks and odors to make draining a more pleasant task.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Camco RhinoFlex RV Bayonet Elbow Fitting, which offers a well-thought-out design that allows you to see when the waste tank is fully drained and forms an odor-tight connection with the dump station valve. If you’re looking for a cheaper yet reliable alternative, consider the Valterra T1024 Hose Adapter. It provides a universal fit and offers a secure connection.