Best RV Sewer Hoses: Avoid Sewage Leaks

Take the pain out of RV waste management with a heavy-duty RV sewer hose

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Whether you use your RV frequently or are the occasional traveler, one thing is true—you need reliable plumbing. Backed-up plumbing from solid waste and black water can sideline your travel plans, isn’t hygienic, and is costly to repair. It’s essential to install a quality RV sewer hose that’s built to last and designed to stand up to serious loads. We’ve compiled some of the most popular models of RV sewer hoses for aftermarket installations in this buying guide. 

  • Best Overall
    Lippert Waste Master 20’ Extended RV Sewer Hose 

    A single 20-foot, heavy-duty, leak-proof,  accordion-style RV sewer hose with a smart 90-degree discharge connector.


    The proprietary CAM-lock makes attaching and removing this hose a breeze. Added UV protection ensures that the RV sewer hose is weather resistant.


    A loose ring on the discharge end of the hose can make for some gross situations when you remove the hose from sewage tanks.

  • Best Value
    Camco Deluxe 20' Swivel Ready to Use Kit   

    Two 10-foot flexible hoses and a ready-made kit with connectors and storage caps makes this a solid, budget-friendly RV sewer hose.


    A clear connector makes it easier to tell when your waste tank is completely empty. Also, the collapsible hose makes storage convenient.


    This RV sewer hose lacks structure and can collapse when not fully in use.

  • Honorable Mention
    Valterra 20 Ft Dominator Sewer Hose Kit    

    A two-part hose and plenty of accessories make this hose a convenient option. And at a modest price, any RV owner can make it their own.


    Once collapsed, this RV sewer hose stays put and requires little storage space. A see-through connector also clearly indicates when your waste tank is empty.


    Structural issues with the connectors can cause leaking and put this hose out of commission early.

Benefits of RV Sewer Hoses

  • Ensures proper hygiene. Dirty water or sewage that sits around for too long can encourage bacterially or mold growth in your RV’s plumbing and waste systems. Over time, these issues can make your RV unlivable. To avoid these risks, you should empty out your waste tank frequently, and an RV sewer hose can help make this task easier. 
  • Prevents sewage odors and plumbing damage. Imagine riding around in an RV that hasn’t had its waste tank emptied in a while. That smell can eventually invade and cling to your living spaces, turning your RV into a mobile home of horrors. Even worse, wastewater can clog your plumbing. Frequently emptying your holding tank can help to avoid this disaster. 
  • Allows for easy waste removal. When you live in a traditional home, you never have to think about removing waste other than the standard household kitchen or bathroom garbage bags. But when you’re in an RV or mobile home, you’re carting solid and liquid waste that has to be manually dumped. Without an RV sewer hose, this job can get very dirty and messy. A quality RV sewer hose allows you to seamlessly connect your RV’s waste tank with an external sewage system at a campsite. 

Types of RV Sewer Hoses

Extension RV Sewer Hoses

Most RV sewer hoses are between 15 to 20 feet in length. This usually gives you more than enough space to comfortably connect your RV’s waste tank to the external sewage system at a campsite. But if you’re concerned that you can’t park your RV to within 15 to 20 feet of a campsite’s sewage system, an extension hose is a good option. Sewer hose extension models give you more slack, minimize the risk of bursting a hose or leaking due to strain, and can be purchased in lengths of 10 feet. 

Collapsible RV Sewer Hoses

If you’re concerned about storage, a collapsible RV sewer hose is a smart choice. As the name implies, these hoses can be easily tucked away for storage without taking up too much space both in your RV between rest stops and in your home when you’re not driving your RV. An added benefit is that collapsible RV sewer hoses can be shortened, making them customizable for your needs. 

Top Brands


Camco is a U.S.-based brand that’s made a name for itself within the RV and mobile home niche for producing some of the highest quality aftermarket accessories you can find, including the Camco Deluxe 20' Swivel Ready to Use Kit.


Lippert is best known for making user-friendly products that don’t require previous experience or a background in mechanics. It is another brand that focuses almost exclusively on RVs and their essential aftermarket parts. Based in the United States, the brand now has operations around the world and employs over 9,000 team members. Within the RV sewer hose niche, the Lippert Waste Master 20’ Extended RV Sewer Hose is considered of the best quality. 


Valterra is another popular RV aftermarket accessories and parts brand. In addition to creating a heavy-duty RV sewer hose that’s known as an effective tool for preventing sewage leaks, such as the Valterra 20 Ft Dominator Sewer Hose Kit, the brand also makes other essential tools, such as RV water pressure regulators. 


  • Under $40: At this price, you’re most likely to find RV sewer hoses that are shorter than 15 feet because they are extensions rather than full hoses. However, you can occasionally luck out and find a budget-friendly, full-length hose like our Best Value selection.
  • $40-$150: The bulk of the RV sewer hoses in this price range are between 15 to 20 feet with clear elbow joints, accordion siding, and a thickness of at least 23 millimeters, including our Best Overall and Honorable Mention selections.

Key Features


Like we mentioned earlier, the ideal range for RV sewer hose lengths is 15 to 20 feet. At a minimum, you should target this range so that you have enough length to comfortably attach your RV’s waste tank to an external sewage system without putting a strain on the sewer hose. Your RV doesn’t need to be parked right next to the sewage system with hoses this length. However, if you’re nervous that you might need more length, you can always opt to purchase a longer sewer hose. 


Likewise, look for RV sewer hoses that feature thicker hose walls. These hoses are less likely to crack and leak and will have a longer lifespan than thinner hoses. For most RV users, a minimum thickness of at least 23 millimeters should be sufficient. But if you’re a frequent RVer, look for higher thickness ratings and durable materials. 

Ease of Installation and Use

If you frequently use your RV, make sure that the sewer hose you select is one that’s easy to operate. A common issue with RV sewer hoses and waste removal, in general, is that it’s a tedious task. A hose can be cumbersome to attach and detach—both to your RV waste tank and to the external sewage system. Whether you’re a frequent or part-time RV user, we recommend investing in a few accessories to make this unpleasant but necessary job easier to do: latex gloves, a hose cradle, hose adapters, flush hoses, and a macerator. 


As the name implies, this speaks to how quickly and consistently an RV sewer hose allows for waste to be emptied from your RV waste tank. Flow rates are dependent upon the diameter of your RV sewer hose. Considering that this is probably going to be one of the low points and least enjoyable memories of using your RV, you want to look for RV sewer hoses that have higher flow rates. A general rule of thumb is to focus on hoses that are at least four by four inches in diameter, as RV sewer hoses of this size are least likely to experience a blockage. 

Other Considerations

  • Frequency Of Use: If you’re an RV road warrior, then it’s important to look for heavy-duty RV sewer hoses that feature a flexible accordion-style design. They are less likely to crack even when stretched taut. 
  • Tank Outlet Size Compatibility: While newer RV models feature standardized waste tank outlets, this isn’t the case for older RVs. So, if you own an older model, outlet size compatibility for your black tank is going to be one of your top priorities when you’re shopping for an RV sewer hose. 

Best RV Sewer Hose Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best RV Sewer Hose Overall: Lippert Waste Master 20’ Extended RV Sewer Hose 

Lippert Waste Master 20’ Extended RV Sewer Hose

The Lippert RV sewer hose features a 20-foot, accordion-style design with CAM lock technology to prevent leaks. This heavy-duty sewer hose is rated for higher usage, including UV protection to maintain the integrity of the helical coil exterior. The interior hose is smooth to prevent blockage and make waste removal easier. The clear viewport indicates when waste has been completely removed. Whether you’re a road warrior or occasional RV user, the Lippert model is a smart choice. The hose can be compressed to just over five and a half feet for easy storage. 

If you’ve struggled with traditional twist-on connections for RV sewer hoses, you’ll love Lippert’s snap-lock mechanism with an easy-to-use shut-off valve that offers a sturdy and secure connection without the struggle of trying to maneuver clunky connections. In addition, the clear viewport saves you from the mess of accidentally removing the hose too soon and creating a mess. 

Occasionally the rubber ring on the discharge port of the hose can come loose, creating a gross situation when you remove that portion from the external waste tank. There are also concerns that extreme heat could compromise the integrity of the connections, causing the clamp connectors on this hose to fail. When exposed to temperatures higher than 90 degrees, the hose may malfunction.

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Best Value RV Sewer Hose: Camco Deluxe 20' Swivel Ready to Use Kit

Camco Deluxe 20' Swivel Ready to Use Kit

This hose and sewer kit by Camco is a great budget buy because it comes with everything you need to not only empty your RV’s waste tank but to do so efficiently. The 20-foot length is ideal for practically any campsite configuration and is actually made of two, 10-foot hoses with locking rings. And the kit comes standard with additional translucent elbow fittings, caps, hoses, and a clear extender to help make waste removal easier. The Camco model also features a four-in-one adapter to fit various tank styles and is 18-milliliters thick for a long-lasting product. 

The high-quality material and clear connectors make this budget-priced product a serious contender for the average RV user. Even when exposed to the elements, the hose and components continue to perform well. And since it comes with additional accessories to create the optimal fit, that means that you won’t find yourself facing an external waste system that you can’t connect to.

Unfortunately, the Camco accordion-style hose doesn’t stay rigid once you disconnect it from a tank. So, if you’re not prepared and disconnect it from one end, it can act like a slinky and shoot back towards its other half. Likewise, this particular model is actually two separate 10-foot hoses. Always check the integrity of the connections before you begin the waste removal process. Other common concerns include measurement incompatibility between the connectors on the hose and some RV waste tanks as well as an unexpectedly short lifespan for some of the kits—as little as a few uses in some cases. 

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Best RV Sewer Hose Honorable Mention: Valterra 20 Ft Dominator Sewer Hose Kit

Valterra 20 Ft Dominator Sewer Hose Kit

This sewer hose kit is our honorable mention because it offers a median option between our Best Overall and Best Value selections. The median price point is ideal for heavy and light RV users. Like the Best Value Camco option, the Valterra features two 10-foot hoses with rotating fittings. But it’s a complete sewer kit, including a 90-degree elbow clearview universal sewer adapter and four additional drip caps. Each hose can collapse from 10 feet to 39 inches for convenient storage. 

RV owners will appreciate that this hose stays put while in use and that the clear, 90-degree adapter makes it easy to know when you’ve successfully emptied or cleaned out your tanks. Best of all, storage is a breeze, as the Valterra collapses and stays in place. This particular hose fits comfortably inside of square bumpers.

RV owners might find it a little difficult to fully rinse out this RV sewer hose, as water may get trapped in the hose unless you keep it fully extended during the process. There are also concerns over a short lifespan with leaks and tears that can occur after only a handful of uses because of improper bayonet fittings. 

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Tips & Advice for RV Sewer Hose

  • Perform routine maintenance and inspections on your RV sewer hose. Check for potential cracks along with connections, joints, and the length of the hose. Preventative maintenance can help save you from any nasty surprises. 
  • Opt for an RV sewer hose that comes standard with a clear connection. This will ensure that you’re able to visually know when you’ve successfully emptied your tank. 
  • If you find traditional twist-on models difficult to operate, opt for models like the Lippert Waste Master 20’ Extended RV Sewer Hose that features a secure snap-on connection.


Q. What is the average lifespan of an RV sewer hose?

A: Sewer hose lifespans can vary and are also dependent upon how frequently you use them and the type of maintenance and care your RV sewer hoses receive. However, with normal wear and tear, a typical RV sewer drain hose will last roughly two years before you need to replace it. 

Q. How should I store my RV sewer hose?

A: The easiest RV sewer hoses to store are those that are collapsible versus rigid. Regardless of which style you choose, you must ensure that the interior is completely dry before you begin to collapse it. Ideally, keep it in a separate box away from your drinking water hose to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

Q. What kind of RV sewer hose accessories should I purchase?

A: We recommend investing in a few accessories to make this unpleasant but necessary portable waste removal job easier. Some common options include: 

  • Latex gloves to protect your skin from coming into contact with waste.
  • A hose cradle to provide added RV sewer hose support and prevent it from scraping against the ground.
  • Hose adapters to help ensure a proper fit, as each campsite configuration can be different.
  • Flush hoses to ensure that your RV sewer hose is clean before you store it.
  • A macerator to pulverize any solid waste and prevent blockage in your RV sewer hose while it’s in use. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re RVing on a budget and opt for the Camco Deluxe 20' Swivel Ready to Use Kit    or decide that money is no object and want the Lippert Waste Master 20’ Extended RV Sewer Hose, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’ve selected the best sewer hose on the market and will be able to pull into any campsite with confidence.