Best RV Water Pumps: Improve Your RV’s Water Flow System

Improve the flow of water throughout your RV system with our top choices for the best RV water pumps

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Water is an essential part of RVing adventures; you need to bathe and stay hydrated while on the road. That’s the main function of an RV water pump, as it supplies water for the shower, sink, toilet, and other amenities. If your water pump is clogged or broken, then it may be time to replace it with a new RV fresh water pump. Let’s have a look at some of the best RV water pump replacements you might want to consider the next time you are shopping for one.

  • Best Overall
    Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump
    A small water pump that can be used in RVs and other on-the-go or camping setups.
    Very easy to set up with the proper fittings. Good reliability in performance and water output. 
    Few reports of issues with leaks and shutdowns after a few months of use.
  • Best Value
    Seaflo 21 Series Water Pressure Pump
    An inexpensive 12-volt pump designed for different applications such as circulation, spraying, dispensing, and filtration of water. The unit comes with a pressure switch for an automatic start or stop.

    Affordable. Comes with a built-in thermal protector. Easy to install and use.

    High efficiency with low current draw. Comes with soft rubber mounts for noise reduction.


    Not recommended for heavy-duty use. Might start leaking after a few months of use.

  • Honorable Mention
    Flojet 03526-144A Water System
    A high-quality, self-priming unit with up to 9 feet of suction lift. It’s a piece of easy-to-use equipment with a quadruple piston system that maintains constant pressure even when one of the pistons fails.

    Quiet RV water pump.

    Durable product made with corrosion-resistant properties. Top performance and reliability.


    Comes with subpar packaging. Lower water output compared to other models in the same category.

Benefits of an RV Water Pump

  • Constant water supply. Have you ever traveled in an RV without a reliable water supply? It makes you feel uncomfortable. That’s why you need a reliable water pump so you won’t have to worry about stepping out to get water. Keep your tanks filled with enough water and the pump will ensure your taps will never run dry.
  • Save on space. Compared to other larger water pumps, RV pumps are smaller and lighter. It’s possible to get a high-pressure RV water pump that doesn’t take up a lot of space in your recreational vehicle.
  • Energy efficiency. With an RV water pump, you will not have to worry about electricity or water bills. Some of these gadgets can efficiently run on the RV’s battery. Other pumps draw their power from an electrical outlet, but most are either 24 volts or lower and won’t spike your electricity bills. 
  • Simple installation. Unlike the more complex pumping units that might require complicated steps to install, RV water pumps are easy to install. A simple look at the manual will give you what you need to connect the pump to start pumping water to your faucet, tap, shower, and toilet.

Types of RV Water Pumps

12-Volt RV Water Pumps

A 12-volt water pump for a camper trailer comes with standard motors which are engineered for home and RV use. A low voltage typically means that the pump will not consume a lot of electrical power. However, it also means that the unit won’t have high water pressure. 

24-Volt RV Water Pumps

24-volt RV pumps have higher water pressure and take a toll on your RV’s power. They are typically installed in trailers, buses, and trucks. The main benefit of a high-voltage water pump is that it can be used for heavy-duty tasks. If well maintained, the pump can have a long lifespan. 

Top Brands


SHURFLO is an international company that manufactures water pumps and equipment for recreational vehicles. The company was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif. It produces some of the best RV water pumps, including the SHURFLO 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump.


Seaflo is a company that specializes in the research, design, and manufacturing of micro-pumps, pressure systems, and blowers, among many other products. The company was established in 2014 and has a legion of loyal consumers all over the world. Seaflo manufactures some of the most affordable RV water pumps, such as the Seaflo 21 Series Water Pressure Pump 12V.


FLOJET Corporation is a company that manufactures water pumps and their accessories. This company was founded back in 1975 and is currently headquartered in Foothill Ranch, Calif. The company offers a range of pumps like the Flojet 03526-144A.


Flowmax manufactures and distributes fluid handling equipment such as RV pumps, spares, and service tools among other power tools. The company was established in 1993 and sells its products all over the world. It’s headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa and offers high-quality pumps such as the Flow Max (PGIXD) DS-01230-D2.

RV Water Pump Pricing

  • Below $50: Most pumps within this price range deliver a pressure that often falls below 3 gallons per minute. Some units can go as low as a gallon a minute. Though they are cheap, they can still meet the user's water needs. They are ideal for smaller recreational vehicles.
  • $50-$100: Pumps within this range can give you a steady flow of 3 gallons per minute. Some of these units can go as high as 4.5 gallons per minute as well. Most pumps here are suitable for standard RV units with moderate water use.
  • Above $100: An RV pump that falls within this range is considered a high-end unit. Most pumps typically come with over 60 PSI and can deliver more than 5.5 gallons of water per minute. Due to the high pressure and steady water flow, the pumps are great for bigger recreational vehicles that might have more water needs.

Key Features


There are 12-volt and 24-volt models. Your choice will depend on the amount of water you need pumped and the size of the RV. Keep in mind that a lower voltage is more manageable as it draws less power from the system. A higher voltage translates to high performance, but it could drain your RV’s battery or generator.


The pump’s pressure (gallons per minute) should match your RV needs. Consult your RV’s owner’s manual to determine what GPM is ideal for your vehicle. If you are on a budget or operate a small to medium-sized RV, go for a pump with a pressure of at least 1 gallon per minute. For larger RVs with greater water needs, go for a water pump with a capacity of 5 gallons per minute.

Automated Pump Cycle

A good pump should stop pumping automatically once the preset values are achieved. It should also start pumping once the pressure goes below the preset value. This brings about a seamless operation that won’t need constant management. It also eliminates any plumbing problems that may arise from constantly running a pump.

Other Considerations

  • Noise Level: There are models that can be quite loud when running. That might not be something you want when you are taking a nap in the RV. Choosing an RV water pump that runs quiet is a good idea if you don’t want to suffer through the noise of a loud pump.
  • Self-Priming: Unlike traditional residential water pumps, RV pumps are tailored to handle receiving water from a limited water source. The self-priming feature allows your pump to lift water from the tube despite the supply of water running low. Also, the pump won’t get damaged even when it’s running dry.

Best RV Water Pump Reviews and Recommendations 2019

Best RV Water Pump Overall: Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump

Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump

The Shurflo 2088-554-144 freshwater pump is a small water pumping solution that offers a near-universal design in fit and use. As a result, this pump is a great option when you need to replace the factory-installed or current pump you have in your RV setup. 

General water output and performance is good enough for most RVs. Installation is relatively straightforward on most RVs as well. The longevity of the hose is prone to factory issues, however. Many customers report issues 

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Best Value RV Water Pump: Seaflo 21 Series Water Pressure Pump

Seaflo 21 Series Water Pressure Pump

The Seaflo 21-series pump is a budget-friendly pump designed for quite a wide range of applications. This includes filtration, dispensing, spraying, and liquid transfer. It has an average capacity output of 1.2 gallons per minute and a 35 PSI pressure that makes the unit quite efficient for mid-size and small RVs.

The pump has a self-priming feature and can run dry and lift water from a limited water supply. Soft rubber mounts make this product easy to install, and the entire unit is protected from thermal overload. It also has an automatic switch that controls the pump by turning it off when the preset values for pressure are achieved. In addition, the product is backed by a four-year warranty.

A possible drawback of the product is that it’s not recommended for heavy-duty use. The unit is also a cheap product and has a shorter lifespan in comparison to higher-priced options. However, with light use, the pump can last longer. You may also have a hard time getting in touch with Seaflo to claim the warranty cover.

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Best RV Water Pump Honorable Mention: Flojet 03526-144A Water System

Flojet 03526-144A Water System

We couldn’t fail to mention the Flojet 03526-144A as it is one of the most energy-efficient water pumps for RVs. The pump delivers constant water flow to your RV’s taps, shower, and toilet. It has a maximum capacity of 50 PSI and has three chambers for optimal water flow. Moreover, it delivers a consistent water pressure of 2.9 gallons per minute.  

The self-priming feature offers up to 9 feet of suction lift. It has a 12-volt DC motor that saves energy as it doesn’t draw a high current. The product comes fitted with a noise-absorbing mount that helps minimize any noise or vibrations from the system. In addition, the pump produces a smooth water flow and has a pulsation eliminator that enables the pump to work independently without an accumulator tank.

A drawback of the pump is that the noise-absorbing mount doesn’t fully eliminate noise but just reduces it to somewhat tolerable levels. It also has a low water output and comes in a subpar package. Despite the setback, this model is ideal for mid-sized and large recreational vehicles. 

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  • If you want to give your RV plumbing system a longer life, you may want to install a water pressure regulator. High pressure may damage your RV’s water pipes; a water pressure regulator will keep the pressure in check and protect your plumbing system from damage.
  • Consider pairing your RV water pump with a high-quality water filter. With a functional filter, you can be sure that your water is clean as long as you constantly check on the condition of the filter. It will keep you from drinking contaminated water.
  • Perform routine checks on your pump and the entire water system. Seal any leaks as the trickling water may trick the pump to perform a pump cycle when the faucets are shut off. Have a professional check your pump occasionally to ensure that it’s in great condition.


Q: What causes a water pump motor failure?

A: The issue may be due to a blown out fuse, which is easily replaceable. It may also be due to a worn out battery. In that case, turn off the motor’s master switch and change the battery. In the worst-case scenario, the motor could have died due to wear from extended use. You may have to replace the motor then.

Q: What are on-demand pumps?

A: An RV on-demand water pump is a unit that pumps water when needed. The pump puts pressure on the water system according to the preset PSI. The pump will continue pumping as long as a tap is open and stop when the tap is shut off.

Final Thoughts

Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump is our top pick because it combines durability, efficiency, and reliability. The pump comes with user-friendly features and offers quiet operation.

If you are on a tight budget, you might want to check out the Seaflo 21 Series Water Pressure Pump. It is an affordable pump from a reliable company that offers efficient, smooth operation.

Which RV water pump manufacturer do you prefer? What features do you want your preferred RV water pump to have? We would like to hear from you in the comments section below.