The Best RV Battery Chargers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

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byHeather Fishel|
The Best RV Battery Chargers (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

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BYHeather Fishel/ LAST UPDATED ON September 28, 2021

When you own an RV, you have quite a bit of maintenance to perform. Whether you’re frequently hitting the open road and heading to new or favorite campsites or camp just a few times each year, you need to give your RV some solid TLC every so often to keep it functioning at its best. And when you think about maintenance and camping-ready preparations, you’ll want to think about your RV’s battery. When not in use, your RV battery can lose its charge — which can put you in a tough spot when you’re already at a campsite or trying to head out of town. Fortunately, if you have an RV battery charger handy, you’ll be able to properly care for, jump start, and charge your battery easily.

Available in many different styles, capacities, and sizes, you can carry an RV battery charger with you wherever you go. Check out some of our favorite options right here.

Best Overall
Noco Genius10 Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger

Noco Genuis10 Smart Battery Charger


A smart, precise battery charger that works on a wide variety of battery types and delivers efficient charging.

  • Compact yet delivers 115 percent more power
  • Can detect and charge batteries as low as 1 volt
  • Optimized for any temperature with thermal compensation
  • Instructions can be a bit unclear
  • May get hot to the touch while charging
Best Value

BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger


A quick-working battery charger with multiple smart charging modes and an affordable price.

  • Four-stage smart charging that shuts off automatically when battery reaches full
  • Offers multiple protections for increased safety
  • Lightweight and perfectly portable
  • Charger can get hot when charging some batteries
  • Water-resistant, not waterproof
Honorable Mention

Stanley Smart 12V Battery Charger


A reliable, dependable battery charger that can deliver jumpstarts and maintain your RV battery over time.

  • Maintains any AGM, GEL, or WET 12 volt battery
  • Uses high-frequency smart charging to automatically adjust charging speed
  • Built to last a long time and many charges or uses
  • May not be able to refresh older batteries
  • Can struggle to recharge batteries that are completely dead

Benefits of RV Battery Chargers

  • Extend your battery’s lifespan. Using an RV battery charger can help your current battery last for a longer period. You can go years without needing to replace your battery, which saves you money in the long run.
  • Get more convenience at campsites. If you have an RV battery charger, you’re free to run all of your RV’s appliances without worrying while you camp. You can easily recharge — or keep a charge — no matter what items you’re running or powering up.
  • Increase flexibility and freedom. An RV battery charger gives you more options when you hit the road. You can recharge your battery at any time, without worrying about how long your trip is, how many appliances you’ll be running, and how you’ll find a charging station when or if you need one.

Types of RV Battery Chargers

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Converter Chargers

A converter charger is the most basic type of RV battery charger. This kind of charger converts 120 volts of shore power to 12 volt DC power, which means your RV battery won’t need to provide DC power when it’s plugged in. A converter charger also works to charge the RV battery when it has excess capacity available, which can help you avoid overcharging and its potential damage. A converter charger can be either a single-stage or multi-stage charger. 

Inverter Chargers

An inverter charger is the type of charger that most modern RVs rely on. This type of battery charger includes all of the very same features as a converter charger, but with one primary difference: an inverter charger produces 120 volts of alternating current from a 12-volt battery when there’s no shore power available. Inverter chargers are typically always multi-stage chargers as well.

Solar-Powered Chargers

Another type of charger you can consider is a solar-powered charger. A relatively new option, solar-powered RV battery chargers can provide a constant stream of power — and they do it with sunlight alone. These chargers feature solar panels that absorb sunlight and convert it into energy that can be used to offer you and your RV battery varying amounts of power. The charger’s wattage will determine how much power it can offer; for example, a solar-powered charger with a 150-watt solar panel should be able to power your RV and its appliances for a full day.

Top Brands


If you’re looking for an RV battery charger, it’s hard to ignore Noco. Since 1914, Noco has been innovating and creating premium battery chargers, jump starters, and portable power devices that are built to last, including products like the Noco Genuis10 Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger and the Noco Genius5 Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger.


As one of the best-known names in tools, Stanley is found in many household toolkits and garages. With a history of creating durable, effective tools since 1843, this brand has an impressive name built on over a century of quality and reliability. Stanley’s battery chargers, like the Stanley Smart 12V Battery Charger, build on that reputation and offer lasting effectiveness.

PowerMax Converters

PowerMax is a brand that’s built around providing battery power for RVs. Since 2005, this Florida-based company has created powerful and efficient RV battery chargers, converters, and other products for campers’ power supply needs. Products like the PowerMax Power Supply Converter Charger for RV ensure you’re getting the right kind of charger made just for RV use.

RV Battery Charger Pricing

  • Under $50: For under $50, you’ll find RV battery chargers that can do the basic work of charging up your battery. These battery chargers tend to offer the fewest extras.
  • $50 to $100: In this price range, you’ll find upgraded battery chargers that can also maintain your RV battery. They may offer additional features and perks if they’re more expensive.
  • $100 and up: For more than $100, you’ll get a combination of high power and extra features from an RV battery charger. This price range typically includes the most premium options.

Key Features

Battery Capacity

Above all else, the battery capacity is a critical feature to consider when you’re picking out an RV battery charger. Your battery’s capacity is measured by the number of amps it offers per hour. Higher capacity batteries can deliver a lot more power — and you’ll need a charger that can meet that increased power and capacity. The larger the battery, the more powerful the charger will need to be.


Voltage is another key feature you need to think about. You need an RV charger that can match the voltage of your battery; otherwise, it won’t recharge it. While most RV batteries are 12 volts, it’s important to double-check that the voltage of your battery and the voltage of the chargers are compatible.

Vibration Absorption

You should also look at whether an RV battery charger offers any kind of vibration absorption. Whether you’re on the road or using your battery charger at a campsite, vibrations can interrupt or disrupt the charging process. Features like cradles or cushioning can help prevent damage and potential problems while the charger is in use.

Other Considerations

  • Different Charging Speeds. Make sure to look at the amps of any RV battery charger as well as the types of batteries it can charge. Some can charge at 10 to 15 amps while others use just 2 amps. These factors will determine the charging speed, or how long it takes to reach a full charge once again.
  • Cooling-off Period. Keep in mind that not all RV battery chargers can be used repeatedly. Certain types, like deep cycle battery chargers, will need to cool off for a bit before they can be used again to prevent potential damage, overheating, or other problems.
  • Regulating Charging Power. If you’re on the fence about whether smart charging is worthwhile, it can be a great benefit. Smart charging means the charger can regulate while it works — it can assess how much power the battery needs and adjust accordingly. These chargers can also stop when a battery is full, preventing overcharging.

Best RV Battery Charger Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Noco Genius10 Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger is an awesome all-around RV battery charger. Not only is it designed to work with a wide variety of different automotive batteries, but it’s also an ideal choice for deep cycle batteries. This charger can be used for 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid batteries as well as flooded, gel, AGM, maintenance-free, and lithium-ion batteries. It can start a dead battery in just seconds, and it also works to maintain your RV battery while it charges. 

Smart precision charging relies on an integrated thermal sensor, which detects the ambient temperature and automatically adjusts the charge to prevent over- or under-charging in any climate. This impressive charger can even automatically detect battery sulfation and acid stratification to help restore any lost battery performance.

If you’re looking for a great bang for your buck, the BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger is a great choice. This RV battery charger is both effective and affordable — in fact, it’s straight-up budget-friendly. The charger will get to work as soon as it’s connected, delivering a rapid charge with an input of 100 to 240 volts of AC power and 5 amps of DC output current. It’s suitable for charging any RV batteries with 15 to 100 Ah. 

This charger works with four-stage smart charging, and it automatically stops charging once the battery reaches 100 percent to prevent overcharging. Lightweight and perfectly portable at a weight of just 15.87 ounces, it’s a great road companion to carry along in your RV.

The Stanley Smart 12V Battery Charger makes recharging your RV battery quick, easy, and super straightforward. This charger is simple and easy to understand, and it lets you monitor the charging process with helpful information. Suitable for use on any 12-volt AGM, GEL, or WET automotive or marine battery, this charger can start charging with just the push of a button. It delivers high-frequency smart charging, keeping the battery at an optimal charging rate and automatically adjusting from fast charging to top-off mode to trickle charging as needed. On the LCD screen, you can see the battery status and what’s happening with one glance. 

It even goes beyond mere charging; this product will also jumpstart dead batteries when needed and provide battery maintenance to give your current RV battery a longer lifespan.

With two handy functions, the Schumacher SC1280 Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger is one convenient RV battery charger — and it packs a punch, too. You don’t need to keep an eye on this charger, as it’s automated to handle all of the charging on its own. As both a battery charger and maintainer, this device uses 15 amps to charge and 3 amps to maintain your RV battery. It employs auto voltage detection to correctly assess whether you have a 6-volt or 12-volt battery, and it automatically selects the right charging rate. The charger also works on several battery types, including standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle RV batteries. 

Built with a digital display that shows the voltage and the charge percentage, LED indicators, and push-button controls, this RV battery charger is also convenient to use.

The TowerTop Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer is one versatile RV battery charger. It’s particularly handy to own if you want a charger that can work with your RV’s battery as well as other batteries, as this charger can work with automotive batteries as well as marine, power sport, lawnmower, and other batteries. It’ll charge lead-acid batteries and other varieties, including standard, AGM, gel, and sealed lead acid as long as they’re 12-volt batteries. 

This RV battery charger is fast when it’s at work, with a seven-stage charging program that covers desulphation, reconditioning, and float charging. Just keep in mind that you cannot use this charger on batteries that have under 3 volts remaining, and it won’t work to jump batteries. 

The Noco Genius5 Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger is a great choice for both 6-volt and 12-volt batteries, and you can use it for both your RV’s battery and other vehicle or non-vehicle batteries. It’s small and compact, but it delivers 65 percent more power than previous models of Noco chargers. It’ll work on lead-acid batteries as well as deep-cycle batteries of all kinds — flooded, gel, AGM, maintenance-free, and lithium-ion. This battery charger will restore the battery while it works, and it can provide advanced battery maintenance too. 

With smart, precise charging, it’ll allow for worry-free charging at any time. And this battery charger is also backed by a three-year limited warranty, which gives you reliability and some peace of mind.

If you want your RV battery charger to work for you while you focus on enjoying the great outdoors or other activities, then the Ampeak Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer is the right choice. This dual-use RV battery charger will recharge your battery and help to maintain it for the long-term. It uses fast, smart charging to quickly charge all different types of 12-volt lead-acid batteries, including GEL, AGM, and STD. This RV battery charger even helps save energy — it only activates the battery if the capacity isn’t enough to get the engine started.

An advanced reconditioning mode helps keep your battery in its best possible shape and improve its performance and durability. A smart detect system automatically detects the battery voltage and picks the best charging rate accordingly.

Here’s an RV battery charger that offers something unique: the PowerMax Power Supply Converter Charger for RV works as both an efficient battery charger and a convenient power converter. It can be used to convert 110 volt AC power to 12 volt DC power so it can charge just about any RV battery or 12-volt power equipment. This gives you unrivaled versatility and flexibility. The device is compact and travel-ready, measuring just 11 x 8 x 4 inches in size. It features built-in three-stage charging, and you can set the fixed output mode voltage between 13 vdc and 16.5 vdc. 

With a quiet cooling fan and safety features like reverse polarity, overload, and thermal protection, you can also trust that it’ll work safely and reliably.

The ADPow Automatic Smart Battery Charger is much more than just a basic RV battery charger. This charger is also a battery maintainer — but the benefits don’t end there. With this one device, you can recharge, maintain, protect, and diagnose problems with your RV battery. It features intelligent charging, with a seven-stage automatic charging process that covers everything from desulfation to absorption to float charging. Over time, using this battery charger can help you extend your battery’s lifespan. 

With LED indicators that provide visual feedback and diagnostic information, you can assess whether your RV battery is working properly. On top of all of these perks, this device is also super compact, portable, and lightweight so you can carry it anywhere.

The Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power 9200 Series Converter/Charger offers many great benefits that any RV owner will want to take advantage of. This product is both a battery charger and a power converter, which ensures you’ll get a reliable charging method and the right amount of power necessary. It features a built-in Charge Wizard to provide you with quality charging. The Charge Wizard monitors the battery’s voltage status constantly, automatically stepping in to manage the battery as needed. It features reverse battery protection, preventing damage that can happen due to improper lead connection, and it filters DC power delivery for safety. 

The charger also automatically limits electronic current to prevent overdoing it when maximum capacity is reached. With this RV battery charger and power converter, you’ll be prepared as well as protected.


  • Avoid moving your RV battery charger while it’s in use. This prevents potential problems and dangers that could happen to both the battery and the charger.
  • Understand whether you need to monitor your RV battery charger and battery. Some chargers will automatically shut off when the battery is full; others won’t, which can cause overcharging issues.
  • A dual-purpose option, like a battery charger and maintainer, can help extend the lifespan of your RV battery. These can be a worthwhile investment to help you get more out of both your charger and current battery.


Q: Deep cycle vs. regular battery charger: What is the difference?

The primary difference between a deep cycle charger and a regular battery charger is the charging speed. A deep cycle battery charger will deliver a faster, more efficient charge. A regular battery charger will work more slowly, and it may not be the best option for your RV’s battery.

Q: How long does it take to charge a deep cycle battery?

This depends on the number of amps your RV battery charger can provide. High amp chargers, which can use as much as 30 amps, can deliver a full charge in hours. Lower-amp chargers, like those that use 2 or 3 amps only, will take a much longer time to charge.

Q: Should you leave your RV connected to the charger all the time?

You can leave your RV connected to the battery charger all the time — but if you do this, you need to monitor the battery to make sure its electrolytes aren’t being depleted. If you have a trickle charger, you won’t have to worry as much, since these chargers are designed to be used for long, consistent charging.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best overall RV battery charger is the Noco Genuis10 Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger, a device that uses smart charging technology to work quickly and power all different types of RV batteries. If you want to spend less yet still get excellent value, the BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger is a more affordable option with quality results. Let us know which RV battery charger is your top choice below.