Best RV Tire Covers: Protect Your Tires From Harsh Weather

Protect your RV wheels from freezing temperatures and damaging UV rays

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PUBLISHED ON December 31, 2019

Tires for RVs and trailers aren't as strong or durable as typical car tires. RVs also tend to spend a lot of time sitting in harsh weather and driving on high-speed roads. One way to protect them from extreme weather and corrosion is with tire covers. This buying guide includes the top three RV tire covers available today as well as some helpful tips for protecting your wheels.

  • Best Overall
    Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Wheel Cover

    Classic Accessories produces one of the most popular RV tire covers—the OverDrive. They are the best on the market thanks to their relatively low price and heavy-duty quality.


    These covers have multiple different size options, three available colors, they're made from non-scratch and easy-to-clean vinyl, and they are covered by a three-year warranty.


    The OverDrive wheel covers only come in a two pack, and the elastics aren't as firm fitting as other RV tire covers.

  • Best Value
    Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover
    If you're looking for high-quality RV tire covers that are also affordable, the Camco Vinyl wheel protectors are cheaper but provide just as many features.


    These tire protectors have six different sizes, three available covers, are weatherproof and corrosion-resistant, and use a buckle and strap design for easy installation.

    The Camco tire covers only come in sets of two, and UV protection does not hold up as well as other products.
  • Honorable Mention
    AmFor Aluminum Film Tire Protectors
    AmFor uses an aluminum film for superior weatherproofing and UV protection, and a thick cotton-wool lining for their premium RV tire covers.

    These durable tire covers come as a set of four, protect your tires from rust and corrosion, have seven available size options, and have the strongest elastic hold.

    These tire protectors are the most expensive option and are only available in one color. 

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  • Make sure to measure your RV tires before purchasing covers. Most products have different size options based on the diameter of your wheel. If the product you want does not have the exact size you need, opt for a slightly larger cover. It's easier to tighten an oversized cover than stretch one that is too small. 
  • Consider the type of weather your RV will encounter. If you're the type to travel in all conditions, then covers that can handle the most intense UV rays and extreme snowstorms are the best. However, if you mostly stay in one area, then pick a product that is made for that type of climate. 
  • UV protection isn't just important for hot summer days. Even if it's below freezing, extended periods of time in direct sunlight can still dry out the rubber on your tires. 
  • The number of tires your trailer has can affect your purchase. Dual-axle RVs have four tires to protect, and a lot of products only have one or two covers. This can increase the overall cost and change which product is right for you. 


Q: What is an RV tire protector?

A: RV tire covers are made to protect your trailer's wheels while they are not in use. These products are also made to fit over the most common RV wheel sizes, and some even have dual axle covers or colors to match your RV. 

Q: Why should I use RV tire covers?

A: RV tire covers protect your wheels from damage and ultimately save you money. Your trailer will most likely spend a lot of time sitting, which leaves it vulnerable to damage from moisture or direct sunlight. UV rays can cause your tires to crack, and prolonged exposure to water can cause your wheels to corrode. 

Q: Do I need to clean my RV tire covers?

A: Even though the covers you buy will be weatherproof, it's still a good habit to keep them clean. This is not just for looks (even though that is important), but also to make sure the product lasts as long as possible. It should be as easy as washing the exterior with soap and hot water. 

Final Thoughts

The best choice to protect the wheels on your RV is the Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Wheel Cover. These protectors are durable and keep your tires safe from the sun, rain, and snow. 

If you're looking for a less-expensive option that still gives you reliable protection, you should check out the Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover.