Best RV Tire Covers: Protect Your Tires From Harsh Weather

Protect your RV wheels from freezing temperatures and damaging UV rays

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BYDaniel Rika, Robert Kimathi/ LAST UPDATED ON August 3, 2021

Tires for trailers and RVs aren't as strong or durable as typical car tires. RVs also tend to spend a lot of time sitting in harsh weather and driving on high-speed roads. One way to protect them from extreme weather and corrosion is with tire covers. This buying guide includes the top three RV tire covers available today as well as some helpful tips for protecting your wheels.

Best Overall
Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Wheel Cover

Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Wheel Cover


Classic Accessories produces one of the most popular RV tire covers—the OverDrive. They are the best on the market thanks to their relatively low price and heavy-duty quality.

  • These covers have multiple different size options
  • Three available colors
  • Made from non-scratch and easy-to-clean vinyl
  • Covered by a three-year warranty
  • The OverDrive wheel covers only come in a two pack,
  • Elastics aren't as form-fitting as other RV tire covers
Best Value

Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover


If you're looking for high-quality RV tire covers that are also affordable, the Camco Vinyl wheel protectors are cheaper but provide just as many features.

  • These tire protectors have six different sizes
  • Three available colors
  • Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant
  • Use a buckle and strap design for easy installation
  • The Camco tire covers only come in sets of two
  • UV protection does not hold up as well as other products
Honorable Mention

AmFor Aluminum Film Tire Protectors


AmFor uses an aluminum film for superior weatherproofing and UV protection, and a thick cotton-wool lining for their premium RV tire covers.

  • These durable tire covers come as a set of four
  • Protect your tires from rust and corrosion
  • Seven available size options
  • Strong elastic hold
  • These tire protectors are the most expensive option 
  • Only available in one color 

Benefits of RV Tire Covers

  • Protection from extreme weather. When you leave your car under the sunlight for long periods of time, this can deteriorate your tires, especially if you live in a very sunny area. The same applies to a camper or motorhome. RV tire covers prevent the harmful UV rays from damaging your tires.
  • Aesthetics. There are two kinds of people who buy car tire covers: RV owners and car collectors who want to keep their cars in the best condition possible. Using RV tire covers will maintain the aesthetics of your tires and RV wheels.
  • Longer-lasting tires. It’s not all about aesthetics. Using tire covers for your recreational vehicle will increase the tire’s life. By using tire protection, your tires may last several years longer.

Types of RV Tire Covers

Spare Tire Covers

Having a spare tire on the back of your car looks great, but that tire will receive a significant amount of harmful UV rays. Therefore, your tire might not be that useful once you need it. A spare tire cover will ensure that your spare tire will remain useful whenever you need it. It is usually made out of waterproof vinyl tire material.

Storage Tire Covers

Storage tire covers are the ones you place over your tires while the car is parked. These are the most commonly used tire protection among RV owners since they usually have to park their recreational vehicles for long periods of time, and they’re overexposed to harmful UV rays.

Top Brands


AmFor is one of the most popular companies that creates trailer wheel covers. This company is a leading manufacturer of automotive products, and it has been in the market since 1961. This company has its headquarters in Oregon. The company’s spare tire covers are some of its most popular products.

Classic Accessories 

Classic Accessories was founded in 1983 in Seattle. This company started manufacturing only automotive products. However, later on, they decided to start working with different products such as furnishings and outdoor accessories. Today, Classic Accessories is also one of the leading companies in manufacturing motorhome tire covers. Some of its most popular products are the RV and travel trailer tire covers

Leader Accessories

Leader Accessories specializes in products such as tire covers, car covers, and RV covers. Its RV covers allow you to protect your whole motorhome from any external damage. The company’s camper tire protectors are one of its top products.

RV Tire Covers Pricing

  • Under $20: Here, you’ll find trailer wheel covers made out of thin materials. They’re very cheap and might work for a short period of sun exposure. If you want to buy a better quality one, we recommend investing a little more.
  • $20 to $50: These are the midrange trailer wheel covers which are great if you don’t want to invest a fortune, but you still want to have a high-quality tire cover. They’re usually made out of thick materials such as waterproof vinyl tire material.
  • $50 and up: Here you will find the deluxe wheel covers, which are made out of stainless steel. Some of them are even customizable and aesthetically good-looking. They’re also waterproof and have a high capacity of protection against harmful UV rays.

Key Features


Consider checking the materials of the camper wheel cover before you buy it. This way, you’ll make sure you get the right UV protection. If the wheel cover is made out of thin material, it won’t protect your tires that much against sun damage. You can get one made out of waterproof vinyl material if you don’t want to spend a lot, or you can spend more on one made out of stainless steel. These come in the spare tire model only.

Closing Mechanism

When buying a spare tire cover for your RV, consider choosing a good closing mechanism. Some of them just have an elastic band that sticks the cover onto the wheel and others have a metal latch, which offers more security. There are also some tire covers that come with additional clasps.

Tire Size

Before you buy any tire cover for your RV, choose the right size based on your tire’s diameter. There are numerous sizes available, but it’s very important that you choose the right one for your RV to provide a snug fit. One of the most common sizes for RVs is the 245/70R19.5. You’ll need to check the sidewalls of the tire to get the exact number.

Other Considerations

  • Installation. Before you buy an RV tire cover, make sure that it has an easy-to-install mechanism, especially if it’s a spare tire cover. Storage tire covers usually don’t have a difficult installation system.
  • Design. There are different sizes (based on tire diameter) and designs you can choose when buying an RV tire cover. There are elegant and classic-looking protectors, but there are also ones that provide a more sporty look. Some of them are even customizable.

Best RV Tire Covers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

This RV tire protector is on top of our list because of its quality-price balance. Classic Accessories is known for being a brand that provides top-notch materials at a fair price. In this case, the OverDrive is no exception. This heavy-duty vinyl material RV tire cover has three colors to choose from: black, gray, and white.

This RV tire cover is waterproof to protect your tires from rain. There are multiple sizes available for every type of RV tire. The OverDrive model is excellent for protecting your tires from sun damage, since they’re made out of a heavy vinyl material.

However, there are some disadvantages that may come with these RV tire covers. Despite there being many sizes to choose from, they tend to be very loose, so they don’t have the best fit. They only come in a set of two, so you’ll need to buy two packs to cover all four tires.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, consider the Camco Vinyl RV wheel cover. This tire protector is corrosion-resistant and helps prevent mildew. The buckle and strap design make this RV tire cover very easy to install, with little effort required.

The Camco Vinyl protectors are available at a great price. They are lightweight tire covers with waterproof material. The Camco covers have a great fit. They also come in three different colors: gray, white, and black.

However, sun damage protection is not as efficient as with other tire covers. This is a crucial factor you should consider. The reason for this is because the Camco covers are made from light and soft materials. However, if you’re not going to use them for a long period, the Camco tire protector will be the right choice.

The Amfor Aluminum Film Tire Protectors are one of the best options for protecting your tires from sun damage. They come with an external aluminum layer that ensures protection against UV rays and water damage. This material provides a corrosion-resistant surface that will protect your tires even more. The premium version also comes with a cotton-wool layer to ensure the efficiency of the tire covers and provides a breathable surface.

These protectors come in a set of four tire covers, which is great since not every brand offers this kind of package. The AmFor wheel covers also come with very strong elasticized bands so that the covers stick to the tires and are not easily moved by the wind. 

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of these wheel covers is that they’re more expensive than other regular tire protectors. There’s also no variety when it comes to colors and designs. Some users have also complained of the fit. For that reason, you may want to be absolutely sure you’re buying the right cover size.

The Explore Land Tire Covers can be used on RVs, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles with tires that are 26 to 28.75 inches in diameter. Available in five different colors to blend in with your camper and the environment, these covers are a great all-season option as they protect wheels from dirt, sun damage, and rust.

These covers are durable and feature a water-resistant coating. They are also designed to protect your wheels against UV rays, which makes them last longer. They have a soft, non-scratch backing and are easy to clean. They come with elastic cords and an auto-lock feature for a snug fit. In addition, they are wind-resistant and don't require ties or holes to provide protection in windy conditions. The manufacturer also provides a three-year warranty should you experience any issues. Overall, they're easy to install as well as remove, and they're thick and durable.

Unfortunately, they may emit a strong odor when you take them out of the packaging. There have also been some complaints that they run a little large or long, and there are no straps to hold them in place.

The Kohree Tire Covers are designed for campers, RVs, motorhomes, 5th wheels, Jeeps, trucks, and other vehicles. They come in silver or khaki and are constructed with heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric with a PVC coating for durability.

They are 100 percent waterproof and repel dirt, UV rays, and animal secretions. Designed for tires that are 26.75 to 32 inches, depending on what size you purchase, these high-tensile strength wheel covers are lightweight, flexible, and designed for long-term use. They have an elastic back hem and hook design, so they stay securely in place even during windy conditions. Users report that the material is thick and stands up well to the elements. Plus, if you choose the proper size, they fit really well and aren't baggy. They're also easy to install.

One downside is the silver coating may start to flake off after a period of use, and the elastic may stretch over time, particularly in warmer temperatures. Some users have also struggled a little to connect the hooks on the back of the tire because they can be tough to reach.


  • Make sure to measure your RV tires before purchasing covers. Most products have different size options based on the diameter of your wheel. If the product you want does not have the exact size you need, opt for a slightly larger cover. It's easier to tighten an oversized cover than stretch one that is too small. 
  • Consider the type of weather your RV will encounter. If you're the type to travel in all conditions, then covers that can handle the most intense UV rays and extreme snowstorms are the best. However, if you mostly stay in one area, then pick a product that is made for that type of climate. 
  • UV protection isn't just important for hot summer days. Even if it's below freezing, extended periods of time in direct sunlight can still dry out the rubber on your tires. 
  • The number of tires your trailer has can affect your purchase. Dual-axle RVs have four tires to protect, and a lot of products only have one or two covers. This can increase the overall cost and change which product is right for you. 


Q: What is an RV tire protector?

RV tire covers are made to protect your trailer's wheels while they are not in use. These products are also made to fit over the most common RV wheel sizes, and some even have dual axle covers or colors to match your RV. 

Q: Why should I use RV tire covers?

RV tire covers protect your wheels from damage and ultimately save you money. Your trailer will most likely spend a lot of time sitting, which leaves it vulnerable to damage from moisture or direct sunlight. UV rays can cause your tires to crack, and prolonged exposure to water can cause your wheels to corrode. 

Q: Do I need to clean my RV tire covers?

Even though the covers you buy will be weatherproof, it's still a good habit to keep them clean. This is not just for looks (even though that is important), but also to make sure the product lasts as long as possible. It should be as easy as washing the exterior with soap and hot water. 

Final Thoughts

The best choice to protect the wheels on your RV is the Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Wheel Cover. These protectors are durable and keep your tires safe from the sun, rain, and snow. 

If you're looking for a less-expensive option that still gives you reliable protection, you should check out the Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover.

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