Watch This Homebrew 6×6 1995 Ford Ranger Tear Up The Snow

Six-wheel steering and six-wheel drive make for one impressive truck.

byLewin Day|
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YouTube/Grind Hard Plumbing Co


These days, there are so many jacked-up, modified trucks on the road that it's tough to get noticed with your own build. You've really got to start with something wild as a base, and YouTubers Grind Hard Plumbing Co have done just that with their new six-wheeled pre-runner build.

The project is based on a 1995 Ford Ranger. Grind Hard Plumbing Co bought the truck, which came complete with a homebrew 6x6 drivetrain conversion. The truck is complete with a hydraulic rear-steering system that turns both sets of rear wheels to a significant degree. It allows the truck to both crab at a diagonal angle as well as tear around in tight circles on the dirt. Control is via rudimentary buttons in the center console, with an indicator arrow to show the driver where the back wheels are pointing.

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The truck came into their possession with a modified bed and an interior in remarkably good condition. Wanting to put their own touch on the vehicle, the team set out to transform the truck into a capable off-road pre-runner, to be displayed at a recent eBay Motors show in New York.

Some basic mods went a long way to improving the truck's pre-runner abilities. Removing the rear towbar and dead air-conditioning system shaved off some unneeded heft, while hacking off the chassis rails behind the rear wheels brought weight down further and improved the truck's departure angle, too. The truck's existing hockey-puck body lift also goes some way to improving clearance.

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The build also got big shiny fenders from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts, the company behind aftermarket hardtops for the new Ford Bronco. The new fenders provide plenty of room for the chunky 35-inch off-road tires up front. Paired with an aftermarket front bumper, the pumped guards give the truck a meatier, musclier look.

There's still plenty to do to finish the truck, including paint, a new fuel tank, and the obligatory big lights that every serious off-road build needs. Locking differentials are also on the cards to give the truck better ability to deal with deep mud and snow.

Overall, though, it's one of the cooler 6-wheel-drive vehicles we've seen around these parts. Rather than being built with a brand-new six-figure truck that's too precious to dent up, this one's a homebrew design using old bones, and the gang isn't afraid to get it dirty. Even in its initial form, it showed it had some capability, and with lockers and the rest of the mods done, it should be one fierce weapon out on the trails.

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