Buy This 1999 Ford Crown Vic Limo for $2,800 and Feel No Regret

There's no reason not to buy this.

Ford Crown Victorias never die, they just get repurposed. That new purpose may be serving the local drivers’ ed program or fulfilling someone’s strange conversion dreams. This specific Crown Vic falls into the latter category.

Surely you’ve seen the Crown Vic ute by now—if you haven’t, please do so, but there are more ways to reimagine Ford’s venerable workhorse. I probably wouldn’t turn one into a limo, but somebody did and they’re probably a better person for it. Also, it’s now listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Madera, California.

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The Crown Vic once shared a stage with the Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquis, both of which were built on the Blue Oval’s Panther platform. Out of the three, it wasn’t uncommon to see a Town Car stretched out into a limo; however, Lincoln was the luxury arm of the three brands. Even Mercury was aimed at more affluent buyers than Ford, which is why it’s so odd to see the blue-collar Crown Vic transformed into a people-hauler fit for black-tie events.

The outside of this car looks like any other 1999 Ford Crown Victoria, just with a bit of extra metal spliced into the middle. It’s also fair to assume that the factory 4.6-liter V8 is under the hood and that all 200 horsepower are still sent to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic transmission, though a bit tired after 175,000 miles. The car has likely packed on a few pounds due to the conversion, which means less oomph when stepping on the accelerator, and fuel economy worse than the original EPA-rated 18 mpg.

As for the interior, the front cabin is nothing to gawk at—Ford’s period-correct interior is still present, though a bit aged. Things look like any other Crown Vic, right down to the shades of monochrome and split-bench seating. But the rear? Well, that’s where the partying hasn’t stopped for more than two decades.

When the sedan was stretched, no additional seating was put in place, meaning that the rear seats still comfortably accommodate two passengers (we’d say three, but that tunnel meant for the driveshaft looks pretty uncomfortable for anyone stuck in the middle seat). There is a significant amount of legroom, however, which speaks volumes considering just how much was already present in the Crown Vic before it was turned into its current form.

Directly in front of the passengers is a mirrored surface with strip lighting, a television, an aftermarket radio (which now has Bluetooth), and a privacy window to holler at the driver. There’s also a strip of maroon carpeting across the floor that looks a bit out of place, but when you’re in a limo, you don’t have to justify those kinds of modifications.

The current owner of this limo says that he purchased it “as a joke” but has since seemingly regretted his decision and is looking to move it onto the next owner. Thankfully, this means a screaming deal for whoever buys it for just $2,800. We still say this battle-ready Lincoln Town Car limo would have been the better buy, but it’s too late for that now.

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