Welcome to Guides & Gear: The Drive’s New Channel On How To Fix Everything And Make Smart Buys

Your new trusted resource for all things wrenching, explanations, gear, lists, and humor.

byJonathon Klein|
Welcome to Guides & Gear: The Drive’s New Channel On How To Fix Everything And Make Smart Buys

A decade or two ago, your parents, grandparents, or your crazy Uncle Mike were responsible for teaching you the finer details of auto repair. They’d let you tinker with their Chevelles, Valiants, or nigh-indestructible Volkswagen Beetles. Today, however, society has turned to the internet to figure it all out, leaving you to sort through countless pages of misinformation and bad advice. The Drive wants to fix that with our new channel Guides & Gear.

As we’ve cursed our way through repairs, and used a number of online resources to aid us when even we get stumped, we’ve learned that many explainers for how car parts work, how-tos, and product reviews of motorcycle apparel, tools, and auto maintenance supplies, are written by inexperienced writers. We’re not saying they’re necessarily bad, they just may not have the hands-on knowledge we do.

A Porsche engine removed from its bay by the author., Jonathon Klein

Guides & Gear was born out of the desire to give The Drive’s readers the peace of mind in the garage. When they go to replace a battery, fuel filter, or temperature gauge, they’ll not only be able to do it safely but also correctly. We’re aiming for Guides & Gear to be a place where we can lend our authority and hard-earned broken knuckles to better illustrate and inform our readers. We’ll also strive to help explain common automotive terms and what things do, such as AWD vs. 4WD, payload, towing, and GVWR ratings. 

With fresh stories each and every week, How-To guides on everything from how to ride a motorcycle to how to backup a trailer, explainers detailing reliability of certain used trucks, as well as what parts do, gear reviews, and guides like the 10 car camping essentials, we’re hoping to inform and entertain you. And we know, informational articles are slogs to get through, but that’s another piece Guides & Gear wants to elevate. 

Markovich's Opel GT project., Tony Markovich

We’re writers, after all. We want you to keep reading and coming back for more information and help with your next project. So our promise is that in every Guides & Gear article, you’ll find the same wit, humor, and levity you find in The Drive’s other articles. Hell, we’ve already talked about Mike Spinelli streaking down Fifth Ave in one. We’re somewhat sorry for that visual.

And we need your help, too! Let us know what stories you want to see here, what parts or terms you want explained, what parts you need help replacing, and what piece of gear or auto supplies you want to be tested. Our inbox is open

Welcome to Guides & Gear.

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