The Lancia Delta Integrale Didn’t Need a Coolness Boost but It Got One Anyway

Car Bibles shared some '80s rally car trivia, a hot take on car auction prices, and a cautionary tale about an online scam this week.

The Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione seems to be one of those cars everybody loves, huh? It makes sense—they’re quintessential examples of ’80s rally excellence. The car was introduced to a whole new audience when one made a cameo in Tyler, the Creator’s WUSYANAME video this summer. We saw one parked at Radwood NorCal and had to take a closer look.

Besides ogling Integrales, we also shared a story about an unfortunate soul being scammed out of almost $10,000 trying to buy a classic car, a quick primer on checking oil pressure when you don’t have a dash gauge, and a hot take on why car auction prices seem so unbelievably high.

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The Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione Might Just Be the Coolest Car Ever

Chris Rosales is a man of mercurial tastes, but he was really fired up about this Lancia when we saw it at Radwood NorCal—one of the most epic car shows of a largely pandemic-stricken era. He also introduced me to Tyler, the Creator (yeah, I’m old) and I’m glad he did because I really dig his music. Turns out the dude drives one of these and has even been spotted at Malibu’s famous Country Mart parking lot.

This video is part of Car Bibles‘ new series, Fast Facts, which simply highlights somewhat random pieces of trivia about a given car. This is not “everything you need to know,” it’s just a tiny little bite of info that might be slightly more obscure than common knowledge about these things.

Reminder: Auction Prices Don’t Indicate What Cars Are Actually Worth

In this post, I largely tried to explain why auction prices (especially at prestigious auctions) seem so preposterously high. It has a lot to do with the fact that an auction is a high-excitement environment; there’s a lot of emotion involved and not everybody making bids is thinking completely rationally. In fact, that’s the whole reason an auction industry exists.

Another significant factor, of course, is that brand-name auctions such as Bring a Trailer do a good job of curating the absolute finest, mintiest example of any given car.

Here’s How I Checked My Car’s Oil Pressure Without A Dashboard Gauge

This is just a helpful and inspiring piece of DIY perspective. I personally had never really thought about manually checking my own oil pressure, but this can be a useful move in your skillset when you’re trying to understand how your engine’s running.

How an Ohio Man Was Scammed Out of $9,700 Trying To Buy A Classic Car

Plenty of online scams are obvious, but some are executed with a lot more care and calculation than you might expect. And you can be especially susceptible to one if you’re fatigued from searching for a specific vehicle.

We got in touch with a man who had an unfortunate experience with unscrupulous con artists posing as sellers of a classic AMC Javelin. Keep his story in mind when you’re car shopping online.

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