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This Adorable Chocolate Mazda Miata Was Made for Valentine’s Day

It's a charming roadster that you can eat. The perfect gift!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you can always phone it in with a bouquet of roses and chocolates from the more expensive shelf at Walmart. If you’re dating a car lover, though, why not step things up with a chocolate Mazda Miata?

The build is the work of Mazda Japan, which shared photos of the exquisite confection to its social media channels. As seen on Facebook, the detail of the model is impressive. It’s a finely-crafted example of the ND model Miata RF, the retractable hardtop version of Mazda’s beloved roadster.

The beautiful little chocolate car is joined by a series of delicately-crafted parts that make up the automobile. There are a pair of bucket seats, along with a recreation of the Miata’s dashboard and steering wheel. Mechanical parts include the suspension and the combined gearbox, powerplant frame, and rear subframe, complete with brakes. The exhaust, wheels, and windscreen scuttle panel are also present. The chocolates are then presented along with a white chocolate Mazda logo, in a box with a pretty bow tied on top.

It would be quite something to see more of the Mazda range given the same treatment. The happy-go-lucky NA Miata would be a perfect choice, while the smooth curves of the legendary FD RX-7 would also do nicely. In any case, creating automotive chocolate is kind of a thing in Japan. We’ve seen BBS wheels artfully recreated in the medium before. Chocolate tools are also a cute gift option, too.

This would surely make the ultimate chocolate Valentine’s gift for any Miata fan out there. Sadly, the creation remains a one-off. We could certainly see the appeal of such a thing being given out by dealers to new car customers, but perhaps that’s hoping for too much.

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