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Gorgeous Mazda Miata Speedster Has an ND MX-5 Engine Under the Hood

Less windscreen, more fun.
Gorgona Cars

Italian company Gorgona Cars has taken the much-loved first-gen Mazda Miata and turned it into something recognizable yet magical. The NM Concept is a single-seater speedster that promises plenty of open-air, bugs-in-the-teeth fun.

The build dispenses with the usual two-seater roadster layout that the Miata is so well known for. Only the driver’s seat is important in this single-seater build. The soft top and windscreen are removed entirely, along with the passenger seat and most of the interior. The rest of the cabin is then covered over in a similar manner to Mazda’s own Mono-Posto Miata concept from 2000. The only protrusions are the gauge cluster up front and an aero cowling behind the driver’s head.

Other mods include new mirrors and a tasteful lip on the front bumper. There’s also work done to the floor, including a rear diffuser for improved aerodynamics. The car is finished in a striking shade of yellow, with both the car’s lights and chrome trim given a black treatment to freshen up the looks. Inside, there’s racing seats and four-point harnesses, though you may want to upgrade the latter if you’re doing serious track work.

But what of the Miata’s stock 1.6-liter engine, you ask? It’s been replaced with the 2.0-liter SkyActiv-G engine out of the current ND model Mazda MX-5. It’s good for 181 horsepower, a healthy bump over the original model’s 114 hp. In fact, the whole drivetrain is from the ND model, including the six-speed manual gearbox and rear differential.

At a featherlight 1829 lbs, the single-seater build weighs even less than a stock NA Miata. The extra power should go a long way to boosting acceleration, too, though Gorgona doesn’t list any performance figures.

Handling should be improved as well, thanks to a raft of track-focused modifications under the skin. The body has higher side sills, necessitating the half-height door, strengthened subframes, and various other reinforcements made to the chassis. The car is also blessed with fully-adjustable coilover suspension and upgraded brakes. It all adds up to make the car stiffer, sharper, and more responsive than the softer roadster it’s based on.

If you’ve got a pulse, you’re probably looking at the photos simply dying to have a go. The good news is that Gorgona intends to put the car into production for those eager to stump up the cash. Pricing starts at around $70,000, though you’ll have to provide your own Miata.

It’s a lot of money for what is fundamentally still a 30-year-old sports car, and one that you can’t really use on the road at that. However, if you’ve got the money to spare, and some way to get the thing out of Europe, you could be the most sporting-looking chap at your next sunny track day.

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