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This $20,000 Chevy Corvette Kart Is Your Ticket to Track Day Immortality

It’s not every day you see a Corvette kart with a full CarFax, and this one’s got a story to tell.
A C6 Corvette that's been converted into a track-ready go-kart.
RP Exotics

When it comes to autocrossing and track days, there are thousands of options in terms of what to buy. But let’s be real, the small-block Chevy is always the answer. Actually, let me clarify that point further: the Corvette is always the answer. Ask me how I know. Don’t just buy any ‘Vette, though. Buy this 2007 LS2-powered C6 that’s been converted into a track-ready Corvette kart. It’s only $20,000 from RP Exotics in St. Louis, Missouri.

High points? Almost everything. Just look at it. The cage actually seems reasonably well done. The lightbar is a nice touch. The exhaust is cut very short and it seems very loud.

Low points? It’s an automatic, the taillights are fresh off a trailer, and I don’t like the color. Besides that, though, it’s got a lot going for it. C6 Corvettes are already quick cars. Minus that pesky fiberglass? Well, it’s only going be faster. To be clear, this isn’t a Z06 or anything, but the LS2 still churns out a healthy 400 horsepower. You can probably add a few to that now that most of the exhaust has been chopped off as well.

Folks, without the mufflers, it just sounds right:

As a heads up, it does seem like this project is based on a salvage title Corvette that has seen some flood damage, likely from Hurricane Harvey. Just something to keep in mind, though it’s a little relieving that a perfectly good Vette wasn’t sacrificed to make this happen. Also, the kart has 97,568 miles on the clock. That’s only worth a mention since someone might buy it and wring it out on track.

With all that being said, though, this thing is still sweet.

I hear people beat around the bush when they talk about tracking a car. They’re just one polyurethane bushing away on the Miata from total domination. Just a few PSI less on the rear tires and it will all be gravy. True, there are cheaper track day toys available, but in terms of fun per dollar? I’m not sure any of them can come close to this.

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