There’s Already a GMC Hummer EV To Rent on Turo for $1,000 a Day

If you’d really love to cop a 1,000-hp Hummer EV, now you can. But be prepared to pay and give it back after 24 hours.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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It's OK if you want to drive a 1,000-horsepower GMC Hummer EV without buying one. Not only does it cost more than $100,000 to purchase the super truck for yourself, but you'd also be waiting a long time for it. Instead of going through all that, you could just rent the electric performance pickup on Turo—but even that isn't cheap.

One has popped up near Oakland, Florida for $995 a day. That price drops to $965 per if you rent it for three or more days, but that's like spending extra on Amazon just to get free shipping. At least you can drive it 150 miles every day you've got it.

Now, I've never driven the GMC Hummer EV, but my coworker James Gilboy has. I asked him if it was worth a grand to drive one for 24 hours. In short, he doesn't think so.

As he mentioned, James has also reviewed the Rivian R1T. He initially gave high praise to both, but he said in a later message, "The more time I stew on the Hummer EV, the less enthusiastic I am about it." I doubt that someone who put six figures toward a Hummer EV would agree, but still.

The high rental price might be more justifiable if you could use it to make money for yourself. If you've got a budding music career, for example, then this would be a great centerpiece for a video—country artists love trucks, I hear. Just be sure to get the owner's permission first, or else you might find yourself in a legal conundrum.

You've got to be 30 years old to rent it, which is probably for the best. It's risky enough to loan out a wheelie-capable EV to anyone, and that would be doubly true with teenagers and 20-somethings.

If it's your dream to drive a Hummer EV for a day, no matter the cost, then don't let our jaded auto journalist advice hold you back. Likewise, if YouTube hype is the only reason you're interested in one, then maybe it's best to save your scratch. That $1,000 could get you a cheap daily driver that can double as a Pizza Hut delivery vehicle.

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