Hey EV Owners: How Often Do You Floor It?

How often do you go Plaid?

byChris Tsui|
Hey EV Owners: How Often Do You Floor It?

Luxury electric cars being spleen-burstingly quick is no longer news. In the wake of Tesla's Ludicrous Mode-equipped and Plaid-grade Model S, we've seen Turbo S Porsche Taycans, Performance Edition Ford Mustang Mach-E GTs, and tri-motor GMC Hummer EVs post zero-to-60 times in the twos and threes. Even EVs that aren't ultra-quick on the stopwatch have a tendency to feel quite rapid thanks to the smooth and instantaneous nature of electric motors.

This is fun and all to show off to friends as a party trick, but how practical are these abilities on the day-to-day grind? I figure that's a question best answered by folks who own the things, which is why I'm asking EV drivers: How often do you floor it?

I don't own an EV myself but as an automotive journalist, I've been fortunate enough to drive and live with quite a few of 'em now. And I gotta say, as impressive as the acceleration can often be in top-shelf EVs, I don't actually find myself taking advantage of it all that often. When I'm in possession of an especially quick EV, I'll head out to an especially deserted, long, and smooth road to test out the drag performance. Outside of that, though, the desire to preserve range as well as the safety of those around me (and my license) sort of sap the motivation to go pedal-to-the-metal on the daily.

But we'd like to hear from actual owners. Do you floor it every day? Have you ever floored it? Or are you one of those hooligans who do it every time you hit an on-ramp? Sometimes merging and passing have got to demand you really punch it, right? Right?

Don't worry about telling the truth, either. I'm definitely not a cop.

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