Tesla Will Give You a Free Next-Gen Roadster If You Refer Enough People

Tesla is using a “Refer a Friend” program to entice owners on getting a free car.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Jul 12, 2017 4:37 PM
Tesla Will Give You a Free Next-Gen Roadster If You Refer Enough People

The initial Tesla Roadster somewhat resembled the Lotus Elise, enough to make a lot of people think that it was. Though it only sold less than 2,500 units, the vehicle has been getting a lot more attention due to the success of the Model S and Model X, as well as the introduction of Tesla's promising new Model 3. There has been some speculation whirring around a possible new roadster, which CEO Elon Musk covertly hinted at in 2016. But now, those who have referred enough friends to buy a Tesla have gotten their own confirmation, and reportedly a chance to get their own Next Gen Roadster for free.

Despite it being Tesla's least-famous model, the Roadster set a lot of firsts. It was the first car on the road to use lithium-ion batteries as its only power source, the first electric car to achieve a range greater than 200 miles to a single charge (with a record of 311 miles being its highest), and was the first-ever production vehicle manufactured and sold under the Tesla name from 2008 to 2012.

By this time you're probably saying "Enough about the history - how do I get my free car?"

I'm not going to call it a pyramid scheme, but just know that it involves a lot of referrals. When you refer a friend to buy a Tesla they get free lifetime supercharging and $1,000 off the price of their car. When they take delivery, you get a credit for the referral and start racking up your way to a new "Secret Level" of referrals. Once you hit that number (5), you are made the following offer:

Share your referral code to give 5 more of your friends free unlimited Supercharging and $1,000 off a new model S or Model X. Once all 5 take delivery, we'll give you the ability to purchase a Founder's Series next gen Roadster at a 10% discount off the base price. Unlock new levels with every 5 referrals for an additional 2% off per referral [...] Get to 100% for a free Founder's Series next gen Roadster

So that's 5 initial referrals to unlock the Secret Level, 5 referrals for 10% off of a next gen Roadster, and then 40 more referrals to reach a free Roadster. Sounds tempting if you have 50 friends who are planning on buying Teslas in the future. Equally exciting is that Tesla is pursuing a next gen Roadster all together. More sporty electric cars might finally start to move more interest into EVs as a whole from enthusiasts.