The 2024 GMC Sierra EV Looks More Like a Regular Truck Than the 2024 Chevy Silverado EV

GMC’s new electric pickup has gone for a more squared-off Hummer EV look as compared to Chevy’s more car-like approach.

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Like the gasoline-powered variants of the General Motors truck twins, the 2024 GMC Sierra EV is very similar to the new Chevy Silverado EV. But while the Sierra has the same range and similar capabilities, it couldn't look more different than the Bowtie-wearing electric pickup. The Silverado is something you might expect to see out of Cyberpunk 2077, while the Sierra is, uhh, just a truck.

The Sierra EV does have some electric flair, to be clear. It gets the mandatory zero-grille treatment and some unique lighting elements, but outside of that, it's the same square-shouldered GMC we're used to. Look below at the two new EV pickups side-by-side and it's clear how different they are.

It appears like the two trucks likely share glass. After all, they both offer large panoramic roofs. Beyond that though, they very clearly have different bodywork. The sail on both trucks—the C-pillar—is obviously different, as is just about everything else. The Silverado EV resembles Chevy's lineup of passenger cars a lot more than the GMC. GMC, after all, doesn't have any passenger cars under its brand.

That's a constraint Chevy might've placed upon itself that GMC doesn't have to deal with. Take a look at the new Equinox EV, Blazer EV, or even the Bolt twins. They all resemble the Silverado. The only other EVs in GMC's lineup are two Hummers, so it's easy to be consistent and make a pickup that looks more like a classic truck.

The standout part of the GMC's front fascia is the three small horizontal elements in the headlights. They remind me of an animal claw slash of sorts, like the Monster energy drink logo. It's unclear when or why they illuminate, as they are not blinkers and don't appear to be part of the daytime running lights in promotional films. The actual headlights are located under the large daytime running lights, which is typical for new cars.

There aren't great shots of either vehicle's rear ends, however, we can tell the Chevy is once again the more unconventional of the two. It has taillights that sweep down the side of the bed and the elements inside the lenses are more stylized. The GMC is comparatively plain, but I believe that's what most GMC buyers will want.

The Sierra's more conservative styling might give it an advantage with buyers. It's a less risky design that resembles a conventional pickup more closely. It doesn't rattle any cages. The second is that both of these trucks have very long wheelbases and use big wheels to disguise that fact.

The Silverado EV will be the first pickup truck with 24-inch wheels, and it looks like those will be coming to the GMC, too. The difference is the GMC will be seen in a consistently higher spec than the Chevy, which, in Work Truck trim, definitely suffers from tiny wheel syndrome. That's not to mention the massive plastic front fascia the WT comes standard with.

A key factor for most people will likely be price. The Chevy Starts at around $40,000 while the GMC comes in at $50,000. Loaded-up, however, both models will cost significantly more than that. Are buyers willing to shell out another $10,000 just to get a more conventional-looking machine? The answer is probably yes.

Either way, the GMC will likely be the design that appeals to most buyers. It looks more like a conventional truck while at the same time appearing only slightly angry. The Chevy, in comparison, uses a lot more rounded edges, eschews conventional truck looks, and also looks very aggressive. That's not a bad thing, the truck is just bounding into new territory all at once. That might attract buyers who have never owned a pickup before, but it could also alienate other.

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