This Shop Is Building a Modern GMC Jimmy From a Sierra Single-Cab Pickup

GM won’t bring the Jimmy or K5 Blazer back, so one shop is taking matters into its own hands.

byLewin Day|
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Flat Out Autos

Despite the storied return of the Ford Bronco, GM has left fans of rugged vehicles like the K5 Blazer and GMC Jimmy in the cold. However, Flat Out Autos in Arkansas is taking that opportunity to recreate past glory with its modern GMC Jimmy tribute build.

Built on a GMC Sierra single cab as a base, it sports the 5.3-liter V8 under the hood, good for 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque in stock form. However, other engine options are available for customers with different tastes, including diesel. The build is still in progress, with the current white paint just a working finish while the team works on the body.

The rear tray now features a removable hardtop, and there are seats in the back. They're third-row seats cribbed from the Chevrolet Tahoe, neatly folding away or lifting out as needed. A fully removable top for the cabin was also considered but was dropped to preserve the side curtain airbags.

Achieving the right look was no easy feat. The chassis was shortened and the floor pan modified to get the proper Jimmy look. Without this work done, the result would be a GMC Sierra with a fiberglass topper that wouldn't have nearly the same stance or presence. There are plenty of other tweaks to the bodywork, too, that work together to give the Jimmy a look that's ultimately quite distinct from its humble Sierra underpinnings.

Speaking to The Drive, Rob Hester from Flat Out Autos said the build is headed to SEMA later this year. The current white paint job will be replaced with a bold red, paired with a slick set of 22-inch wheels from (amazingly named manufacturer) 4Play. A fully custom brown leather interior is also on the cards for the show, along with a roll bar for that properly rugged look.

Those drooling over the pictures and renders will be excited to hear that Hester fully intends to take the Jimmy into production. "We plan to build a minimum of 25 units in 2023," Hester said, noting that the first four have already been spoken for.

It's no surprise that buyers are keen; Hester has plenty of form for throwback SUV builds. Flat Out Autos has previously made the K5 Tahoe, a tribute to the K5 Blazer built on the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe chassis. The retro-modern SUVs proved a hit when they hit SEMA in 2019, with four examples reportedly sold to the royal family of the UAE.

There's no feeling quite like riding in the open air on the back of a giant American SUV. If you're eager for that vibe without the hassle of tracking down an expensive classic example, this Jimmy tribute might be the way to go. Just get your order in before they're all snapped up by global royalty and moneyed-up Blazer fans. It seems likely there won't be enough to go around!

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