Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Buys a Football Field-Sized, $250,000,000 Superyacht

Jerry World, meet Jerry Boat.

byKyle Cheromcha|
People photo

While you might have spent Christmas forcing a smile at yet another reusable water bottle, billionaire Dallas Cowboys owner and NFL big shot Jerry Jones unwrapped a new $250 million, 357-foot superyacht called the Bravo Eugenia. The rich—they're just like us!

Whether or not you agree with (or care about) the decisions Jones has made as owner of the Cowboys—which, it should be pointed out, he bought for a mere $150 million in 1989—we can all come together and collectively drop our jaws at this sheer display of floating wealth.

Named for Jones' wife Gene, the Bravo Eugenia is packed with everything a modern billionaire needs, including teak decking, two helipads, a full spa and gym, a garage for smaller boats and jet-skis, and a full staff to keep everything running smoothly. Jones has managed to keep any other details under wraps, so just know that this thing is fancy.

According to Yacht Harbour, the newly-christened Jerry Boat was designed by Nuvolari Lenard and Lateral Naval Architects and built by the Dutch yacht masters at Oceanco. It features a slimline design and a a hybrid diesel powertrain to slice through the water more efficiently. The 4,000 gross tonnage ship can hit 17.5 knots or 20 mph, just under the top speed of most NFL running backs.

Jones and his wife took delivery of the yacht just before Christmas and passed the Yuletide on its maiden cruise around Scandinavia. Running the world's most valuable sports franchise does come with some key benefits. Still, it's not the biggest superyacht owned by any sports tycoon. That honor goes to the 533-foot Eclipse, the second-longest private yacht in the world, which belongs to Russian billionaire and Chelsea F.C. owner Roman Abramovich.

The Bravo Eugenia is also missing the anti-ballistic missile defense systems found in Eclipse—Jones better hope his Dallas Cowboys beat the Los Angeles Rams in their postseason divisional matchup on Saturday.