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The 2023 Nissan GT-R on Sale Again, Priced at $115,435, Somehow Beating Inflation

Even after the Nissan GT-R sold out this year, Nissan resumed production for 2023 on the 16-year-old R35 Nissan GT-R.

Potential buyers of Nissan’s flagship sports car have a cause to celebrate: Nissan is resuming production of the supercar-fast GT-R. After some uncertainty about the previous model year GT-R being sold out and no real clarity on if it will come back, it’s confirmed. The GT-R will live on for at least another model year.

Its reintroduction is a little strange, however. There was actually never a 2022 model year GT-R, with Nissan instead opting to continue production of the 2021. Japan got a 2022 car, but it was something of a formality. There are also no reported changes for the 2023 GT-R, where nearly every model year of the GT-R received minor updates and tweaks, as is the philosophy of the R35 development cycle. Also, the price has remained the same as the 2021 model, actually doing nothing to account for inflation. 


Nissan didn’t list the destination cost for the 2023 car but it was $1,695 for the 2021 cars. So the new car should amount to the same price of $115,435 for the base-level Premium and $212,435 for the Nismo. Adjusting for inflation, the Premium should cost $130,209. Nissan is leaving about $15,000 on the table of every GT-R it sells in 2023. This is great news for anybody who wanted a GT-R and couldn’t buy it last year.

The truth is that dealers will likely mark that price up to bridge that gap. It’s really unusual for an automaker not to raise prices at all on a car and even stranger that it’s on a halo car. I would hazard a guess that folks would pay for the privilege of owning a brand-new GT-R. But frankly, this might be a result of parts shortages finally getting sorted out, letting Nissan build these apparently final GT-Rs. The GT-R isn’t dead yet.

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