Here’s a Reminder That a Le Mans V10-Swapped Toyota Supra Rules So Hard

The Judd V10 screams like the Formula 1 cars of days past.

Among some of the cooler builds currently tooling around out there, Ryan Tuerck‘s V10-swapped Toyota Supra has to be among the best. But in case you forgot, Tuerck dropped a reminder of that fact on his Instagram account on Tuesday. There’s a tasteful Stranger Things reference and then just pure, beautiful noise from his Formula Supra build.

As seen documented extensively on YouTube, Tuerck started with a 2020 Toyota GR Supra, but dispensed with the original engine entirely. In its place lives a 4.0-liter Judd GV4 V10. The racing engine was developed from the company’s GV Le Mans Prototype engine of the early 1990s, with the GV4 model modified to suit the requirements of sportscar racing. Later on, according to the company website, it was used in late-model Formula 1 cars.

It’s good for a nominal 750 horsepower and screams up to an 11,000-rpm redline. The true beauty of this engine, however, is the sound. It’s that intoxicating high-pitched yowl that we all miss so dearly in F1’s current hybrid era. Tuerck’s car was first used for some slippery drifting videos before being retooled for track duty. He recently entered the car in the Time Attack event at Gridlife, with the drift competitor taking the opportunity to get familiar with grip racing.

Tuesday’s Instagram post captures the noise in a tidy little package, but in case you wanted more, check out the video below:

And if you still haven’t gotten enough, the dyno video is a real treat, too, as you’d expect. The engine screams its way through the gears as Tuerck shifts up through the six-speed Hollinger sequential box.

Recent upgrades to the car include an RS Future aero package consisting of a front splitter and rear wing. The aim is to increase downforce for better lap times. However, there were some issues on the most recent outing, and Tuerck completed the event without the aero package fitted.

The Formula Supra makes a great sequel to one of Tuerck’s earlier builds. Previously, he built a Toyota 86 with a Ferrari 458 V8 in the front, nicknamed the GT4586. The result was a potent drift car that sang like an Italian and smoked tires with alacrity.

It’s clear that Tuerck knows how to build a car that combines performance with a legendary soundtrack. In the absence of screaming V10s in F1, the Formula Supra will do nicely.

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