Watch Ryan Tuerck Try To Daily Drive His GT4586 Drift Car

Surprise, he gets pulled over.

byMax Goldberg|
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If you are going to spend well over a hundred thousand dollars on a car, we hope you intend to drive it. Fortunately, Ryan Tuerck isn't afraid to hoon and even "daily" his Frankenstein GT4586 drift car. Thanks to the help of a local car dealer, the Derry, NH native was able to take his Ferrari 458-powered Toyota GT86 onto the mean streets of New Hampshire for his favorite food. 

Originally stopping at his mother's breakfast joint, Tuerck filled up on some solid eats before continuing his loud and seemingly uncomfortable adventure. After some ice cream and goofing off, Tuerck found flashing lights in his rear view mirror. Fortunately, the Manchester, NH officer said, "this thing is sick man" and let him off with a, "Hey, I want to hear what this thing sounds like." Of course you do officer, it's a Ferrari-powered drift car. 

Anyways, Tuerck then did some solid pontooning (no idea why), got food from a delivery man whose name i can only assume is Bullet, and had a grand ol' time with his girlfriend and friends. Still, Tuerck wanted to shred some tires so he made his way down to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, CT to drift with fellow 86'ers. All in all, it was a solid video proving you could daily the GT4586...kinda.