Watch Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari-Engined Toyota GT86 Drift Circles Around an Actual Ferrari

The Italian/Japanese chimera even spits fire.

It’s hard to think of something more batshit than dropping the engine from a Ferrari 458 into a small sports car like the Toyota GT86—and turning the end result into a drift car. But in automotive terms, batshit is good, and that’s precisely what makes drifter Ryan Tuerck’s new GT4586 build so damn awesome.

On Monday, a clip was uploaded to the Donut Media Facebook page showing the long-awaited GT4586 build, as Tuerck calls it, finally take to the streets and drift. And Tuerck didn’t just slide his mutant drift car around, mind you. Just for a little extra badassery, he drifted it around a Ferrari 458.

In the 36-second clip, the GT4586 is first seen driving alongside a 458; this then cuts to a shot of the Ferrari standing still while the drift car taunts the Italian supercar with seemingly-effortless slides. In motion, the GT4586 sounds devilish, looks maniacal, and appears to be extremely good at drifting.

This action-filled drift clip is hardly the first clip to arise from Donut Media in the last few weeks. Before this clip went up, Donut posted a video of how it built the front-side exit exhaust headers which pump out blisteringly beautiful sound from the Ferrari V8. It’s exhaust porn at its best.

Two days after the header video was uploaded, Donut Media shared a video of the GT4586 running and shooting flames through that custom-fabricated exhaust.

And for those who are curious about the technical ins and outs of this build, Tuerck and Donut Media held a 38-minute Facebook Live going into the details and showing viewers around the car. Check it out below.