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For Sale: 1964 Aston Martin DB5, Some Assembly Required

This Aston Martin DB5 has its parts fully restored, including the body, engine, and running gear. All that’s left is for one brave soul to put it all together.
Collecting Cars

“Ran when parked, needs a little work” is a common refrain for those of us who scour Craigslist like it’s light evening reading. All sorts of half-finished and likely broken projects come up for sale all of the time. Rarely are they easy and rarely do they need merely a little work. This 1964 Aston Martin DB5 project might be the ultimate expression of that mentality.

The difference here is that the seller, who listed the car on Collecting Cars, crafted no illusions about what the car is. It is a completely disassembled Aston Martin DB5 that was taken to bare parts and metal. But it wasn’t just taken apart, it was actually completely restored in pieces. The car was taken back to the bare structure that was originally made by Superleggera, then completely new panels were hand-beaten by “original factory team members.”

Before the car got to its currently-awaiting-glory state, it actually spent time in California, where most of its history was lost. It left the factory with a coat of Black Pearl paint and a White Gold leather interior. When it was found in 2016, it had a red leather interior and it was resprayed to Caribbean Blue Pearl. 

Someone clearly wanted to fully restore the car, even shilling out big money for serious engine work. The original engine was rebuilt to DB4 Vantage specifications with a 4.2-liter displacement and upgraded oil and coolant pumps. The suspension and steering have also been reconditioned but it’s unclear if they are modified from factory specifications. 

As it sits, it’s a car that’s ready to be reassembled into something great. But it does need expensive paintwork and interior upholstery to make it a truly complete restoration. Anyone who has a project car knows that the last 10% is always the most taxing and expensive part. This DB5 is offered in “as seen” condition, with no promised restoration work. If you shell out the cash, you’re on the hook for everything.

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