This Life-Sized Lego Aston Martin DB5 Is Made From 347,954 Bricks

James Bond would approve.

byJerry Perez|
Aston Martin News photo
Aston Martin

There are a few Lego movies out there, including one that's all about Batman. But wouldn't it be cool to see a Lego 007 movie? Perhaps James Bond's license to kill and his womanizing ways aren't fit for a young audience, but it'd be great to see the secret agent's gadgets made out of Lego bricks—including his swanky cars. If you happen to be near London, however, you just might. A life-size Aston Martin DB5 was just unveiled at the new and refurbished world's biggest Lego store.

According to Lego, the iconic Aston is made up of 347,954 plastic bricks and even features several of Bond's gadgets to lose the bad guys. It's got a rotating license plate and a bad-guy ejector seat. In fact, part of the roof structure and the passenger seat is missing, making it look like Bond's nemesis has already been ejected from the car.

Aston Martin claims the build took over 1,366 hours to complete, which is roughly 57 days. It weighs around 2,240 pounds, which is actually 1,000 pounds less than the real deal. It didn't share how many people worked on the project, however, but we can imagine it was quite a few. From designing the kit to working out the assembly instructions to actually putting it together, it must've been a gargantuan task. How about Lego Jaguar C-X75 now?

London's Leicester Square Lego shop recently underwent a four-month-long renovation and re-opened its doors again this week. Other various masterpieces like the Aston were revealed to commemorate the occasion, including a double-decker bus made of 270,884 bricks, Big Ben, Spider-Man, and other creations based on the Harry Potter books and movies.

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