Ferrari’s Le Mans Hypercar Spotted Testing at Fiorano

The new endurance racer appeared at Ferrari's test track clad in a black-and-white camo livery.

Ferrari’s new Hypercar racer has been spotted testing at the company’s Fiorano test track on Wednesday, captured on video by YouTuber Varryx.

The racecar can be seen out on track performing shakedown laps. It’s undertaken at a moderate pace, as expected for the early stages of testing. Ferrari staff can be seen monitoring the test on site from the pit box, which looks almost like a miniature Shell service station.

The race car features a bold design, visible even through the camoflauged livery. Clad in black, it could easily pass for a new Batmobile. Perhaps most striking are the triple wing supports. Consisting of one on either flank plus the central vertical fin, they give the Ferrari racer a virtually opposite look to the wingless Peugeot we’ve seen previously.

We don’t get to hear the four-wheel-drive hybrid at full tilt just yet. There is a muscly growl and roar low in the rev range, with a touch of gear whine for good measure. What we really want to hear is the scream at full throttle, as well as the wail on the downshifts into a tight bend.

According to, Ferrari driver Alessandro Pier Guidi took on driving duties for the day. Guidi currently races for AF Corse in the LMGTE Pro category in the World Endurance Championship. Testing will ramp up over the coming month according to a Ferrari spokesperson. The car will run on several European tracks, piloted by the company’s existing GT drivers.

The new Hypercar entry marks Ferrari’s return to top-tier endurance racing after a 50-year absence. While various Ferrari models have competed at Le Mans in intervening years, they haven’t had full factory backing. As far as Ferrari sees it, its last proper factory Le Mans entry was with the 312 PB, finishing second in the 1973 race.

The new Hypercar class promises to bring some sweet looking racecars into the World Endurance Championship. Here’s hoping the racing is just as exciting to match.

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