Dealer Marks Up 2022 Ford Maverick by Nearly $22K, the Price of Another Maverick [UPDATED]

One bold dealer outside of Chicago thinks someone is willing to pay over $50,000 for a hybrid Maverick.

byPeter Holderith|
Ford News photo
Tom Marciniak

Update (July 21): The general manager of Arlington Heights Ford responded for comment, which is included below.

The Ford Maverick is a hot new truck, and in the era of extreme markups from dealers, that’s not good. Truck dealers are charging well over sticker across the country for the vehicles, but one we got sent from a reader takes the cake. A markup worth nearly the cost of a whole 'nother Maverick.

Yes, Arlington Heights Ford located northwest of Chicago currently has a $20,000 markup on a Maverick Lariat Hybrid, which would normally add up to $32,940. The total cost of the truck, including tinted windows and a “Triton Protection Package” the dealer added on is truly stunning: $54,934. Yes, you’re reading that right: Over fifty grand for Ford’s cheapest vehicle. Markups alone add 60% to the price of the pickup.

According to Arlington Heights Ford General Manager John Guido, Jr., that price was affixed to the Maverick by mistake, although Guido didn't specify how the mistaken price appeared on the truck and online for several days. Guido said the truck sold July 16 for more than MSRP, but not the price shown in the photo below. Guido says his dealership sells vehicles that are marked up above MSRP, but said the Maverick's $20,000 markup was a mistake.

"We just wouldn't do that for that much," he said. "My phone has been ringing nonstop all day."

The Maverick is normally very cheap. This one? Not so much. Tom Marciniak

This particular Maverick is mysteriously not listed online, but looking at Arlington Heights Ford’s inventory, it isn’t exactly short on cars. According to its website, it currently has 37 new Fords for sale including Broncos. Likewise, its used inventory is vast, totaling 413 vehicles.

Maverick markups are common. However, one of this magnitude is certainly unique. The Maverick is also not the only Ford vehicle that is seeing “market adjustments,” despite complaints from Ford's own CEO. Two of Arlington Heights Ford’s Broncos were marked up to a whopping $80,000, for instance. Guido said those vehicles were fitted with aftermarket parts, which justifies the additional expense.

Until supply chain issues that are hampering the production of all new vehicles begin to wane, this is likely to continue. That being said, it’s hard to believe that anyone would pay over $50,000 for a Maverick. Arlington Heights Ford has every right to pay what it pleases for its inventory, but an affordable pickup stops being affordable when saddled with a $20,000 upcharge.

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