Sale Ad for 2016 Ford Focus RS Promises Free Vape Pen With Purchase

Paging all former and current Subaru owners.

Car dealerships oftentimes like to sweeten the deal for buyers by throwing in some extras at “no cost” to them. These can vary from floor mats to car washes and even flat-screen TVs, but one car lot in Utah decided to up the ante on the freebies: how about a free vape with the purchase of this 2016 Ford Focus RS?

It seems Prestman Auto of Salt Lake City is attempting to summon all former Subaru WRX and STI owners for this hot hatch by advertising that it’s giving away a free vape pen with the purchase of the car. That’s either a nice freebie—or perhaps the world’s most expensive vape pen that happens to include a feisty hatch.

The car itself is a black-on-black Focus RS from 2016 and it’s only covered 34,576 miles according to the listing. With its enthusiast-minded six-speed manual and the “peace of mind” of a three-month 3,000-mile limited warranty, it honestly doesn’t sound like a bad deal for under $26,000.

How about that vape? Well, there aren’t any specifics as to what kind of vape pen is included, so it could either be a run-of-the-mill unit, or one of those fancy ones that allow you to configure its many settings. And interestingly enough, none of the dealer’s other cars for sale feature a free vape pen, including a 2018 Subaru WRX Premium. Could management just be playing an online prank? It’s a possibility.

Either way, if smoke does end up emanating from this Focus RS, we hope it’s from the owner’s vape pen and not from a busted head gasket.