Florida’s First Dedicated Drone Park Is Now Open

Citrus County Commissioner Jimmie Smith has just declared one of its local parks the first and only drone-dedicated park in Florida.

If you happen to live in or around Central Florida and are into drones (and let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you are), this news might be the best thing you’ll read all day. According to FPVDroneWear, Citrus County in Florida has just officially declared one of its parks to be exclusively dedicated to recreational drone use and drone racing. Jimmie Smith, the County Commissioner, decided on the park east of Lecanto High School to have the honor. This is now the first and only park in Florida exclusively dedicated to recreational drone use. 

According to FPVDroneWear, this park has already had its fair share of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) buzzing above its fields. There’s a local MultiGP Chapter for Citrus County drone racing. If you’re at all interested in joining up and competing with local drone racers, head on over to the Chapter’s Facebook page and introduce yourself. Drone racing is unbelievably fun, and it’s nice to see more and more communities springing up all over the country. 

Thanks to people like County Commissioner Jimmie Smith, hundreds or even thousands of kids growing up right now will get the opportunity to get into UAVs. We recently reported on the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and how the Brits are just as convinced that drones can enthuse children to get into science, physics, and more. It’s great news for Citrus County, but hopefully, this park will attract more than just locals who are already into drone racing.

Curious about the park itself, and what it would look like to spend a day racing drones around there? Well, luckily the fine folk at FPVDroneWear filmed one of their promotional videos at that exact location. Take a look at their video below to get a clearer sense of the layout, the size, and to remind yourself how fun it is to spend a day racing drones through the skies.