DJI Just Opened an Indoor Drone Arena in Tokyo

Drone-manufacturer DJI just opened an indoor drone arena where UAV operators can fly freely in Japan.

byMarco Margaritoff|
DJI Just Opened an Indoor Drone Arena in Tokyo

The world’s leading drone manufacturer, Shenzhen-based company DJI, just gave the people of Tokyo a nice drone-related surprise. The new indoor drone arena is essentially a flight center replete with knowledgeable staff to assist customers with any technical issues, a retail store, and a big, safe space to race their unmanned aerial vehicles around. 

According to Nikkei Asian Review, DJI worked alongside JDrone Tokyo on the facility, which is located in Tokyo’s Katsushika Ward. The indoor space is about 120 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 27 feet high. Additionally, it’s separated into two areas: One reserved for professional flyers practicing sophisticated moves like traversing hexagonal gates, and another seemingly targeted at more novice customers. Construction was completed on Saturday.

Price of admission reportedly varies, based on the kind of customer and day of the week. A one-hour session in the more advanced flight area will cost you 2,400 yen, equivalent to $21.40, on weekdays. The entry fee on weekends is 2,800 yen, or $24.57. For corporate clients, there’s a three-hour weekday option for 54,000 yen ($474) available. 

The company in charge of the facility’s daily operations is Japan Circuit, DJI’s regional dealership for the Japanese market. According to Nikkei, this isn’t the first indoor drone arena DJI has opened in Asia. There's a similar center in South Korea. 

Naturally, for a mega-city such as Tokyo, indoor drone arenas are vastly practical for UAV users. Since there aren’t that many areas in the city that are conducive or even legally open to outdoor drone use, it makes perfect sense to provide drone users with a safe, indoor location where they can zip their drones around freely. There's also a retail store within the arena, of course, which sells UAVs. So first-time drone users accompanying a friend to the arena may be convinced to buy a drone of their own.