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Chevrolet Silverado Driver Tries to Pull Fast One by Fitting Ford ‘Platinum’ Badge to Tailgate

This owner clearly thinks that all pickup trucks matter.

Pickup truck owners tend to be a very dedicated lot, often expressing hardcore loyalty to a specific brand while detesting the competition at every opportunity. But one pickup owner seems to defy this reputation as a Reddit user spotted a Chevrolet Silverado with a Ford F-150 Platinum tailgate plate, an oddity that would certainly have some pickup owners scratching their heads.

This sighting is especially strange, mainly because Chevrolet never offered a Platinum variant of the Silverado—that’s reserved for upper-tier luxury versions of various Ford pickup and SUV models. The Platinum Fords also always featured an integrated metallic panel on the tailgate to tell onlookers that you spent quite a bit of extra dough on your fancified F-Series.

So in essence, this is like seeing an AMG badge on a BMW, or a Lexus F badge on an Acura.

Either this Chevrolet Silverado owner is very confused, or he or she wants the best of both worlds. And it’s a relatively thorough job as there are no Ford badges on the Platinum tailgate. The Chevrolet bowtie is still prevalent on the bottom right corner, as are the Silverado and LTZ trim badges on the bottom portions. Thus, it’s pretty clear that this mashup is quite intentional.

If only they could’ve lined it up with the taillights.

Nonetheless, this is sure to make pickup truck lovers scratch their heads, particularly since Chevrolet fans often bash Ford truck owners, and Ford truck owners often bash Chevy truck owners. Perhaps this guy simply thinks, all pickup trucks matter.